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May 3, 2022 at 1:32 PM
Apr 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM
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May 3, 2022
    1. Phil b
      Phil b
      Thank you rob
    2. Paul Bridges
      Paul Bridges
      Hi just joined, picking up my 1050 RS on Thursday and I can’t wait
    3. TAT
      Hi! Just joined. Ride a 2018 Scrambler after owning a Street Cup and trading it in for the Scrambler. Love both bikes for different reasons. I love my Triumphs!
    4. Joseph Salemi
      Joseph Salemi
      Hi Rob, can you please read my post and tell me if there is a simple and cheap way of fixing this issue on my RS.
    5. Rick White
      Rick White
      Hi all, just joined. Fantastic to be part of a brilliant forum. I have an 64 plate Explorer, and have had it since August. My pride and joy and enjoying every moment on it. Had it serviced at 17,800 at Jack Lilley Romford and the have told me the rear shock mount is faulty and needs replacing. Has anyone had similar issues?
    6. ProjectG
      Hey all. Just joined this fabulous forum. Massive Triumph fan. Saving for a Thruston R and currently looking for a 1992-1995 900 project bike for cafe racer project.
    7. Francesco
      Grazie Rob
    8. Shallot01
      Just joined the forum. Ride a Street Cup.
      Happy days.
    9. Birdy
      Thanks Rob
    10. Kingy
      Hi all I own a 2005 speed triple I’m trying to source a genuine clutch cable anyone know of any where that doesn’t charge extortionate prices please ?
    11. PDeak
      Hello, I recently bought TBird Commander model 2014. Having installed a GPS, realized that the speedometer shows permanently ~5 mph more than the reality. I know, this my appear to be normal, moreover in my country your bike would fail the inspection if it was the opposite with even much less difference. Nevertheless, pretty annoying.
      Any idea, how to adjust for correct reading?
    12. BallWall
      Thank you!
    13. MiscreantJ
      Thank you kindly sir! Just picked up my first Triumph tonight.
    14. Shirls
      Rob .. how do i start a new thread? I want to ask about my exhaust
    15. Paul wyatt
      Paul wyatt
      Hi rob.thanks for adding me
    16. Chris.435
      Had my 2001 sprint RS955i from new .fault code po352 ignition coil fault any suggestions & p1352
    17. Jr4spd3
      Hi, new member. I have a 2014 T100 and a 2002 TB900. Looking to get a new Speed Triple soon.
    18. Dunfo68
      Hello all, my 93 Trident rh footrest bracket snapped off! There was evidence of an old crack. I got a spare from a later model which had the raised alumimium details. The later support is stronger with additional support at the lower bolt hole. So, if you have the older support suggest you check it for cracks.
      I have photos.
    19. Matthew Woodhall
      Matthew Woodhall
      Hi new member here from Barnsley South Yorkshire we've just bought our first Triumph t 120 Bonneville and looking forward to some rides out and banter
      1. Andrew Auckland likes this.
    20. austin
      hi i am a new member i have recently purchased my second triumph its a 2009 sprint st 1050 abs in black with panniers i got i at a fairly low price due to high mileage 60k and needing a few jobs my previous triumph was a 2003 st 955 in silver
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    May 3, 2022 at 1:32 PM
    Apr 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM
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