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Aug 22, 2019 at 9:58 AM
Apr 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM
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Staff Member
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Aug 22, 2019
    1. Nigel Welbourn
    2. Tigermick
      Hi , Rob joined forum back in August as a premium member, do you know when the Halfords discount card will land cheers Mick
    3. Dawie Viljoen
      Dawie Viljoen
      Good day Rob. Thanks for the friendly welcome.
    4. Robin sterry
      Robin sterry
      How can I join Htoc
    5. robert macdonald
      robert macdonald
      hi, can i use a eser name, and if so can you tell me how to do it, cheers, new to this.
    6. Old phart phred
      Old phart phred
      Weird stuff going on, soundtrack thread won't go back in time, threads disappeared entirely, like what you did to your non triumph.
    7. Mick2213
      Thanks for adding me to forum
    8. Phil mills
      Phil mills
      Hi I need to close off account and delete all my history due to personal issues can you help
    9. darren p wiltshire
      darren p wiltshire
      Rob great web site but having just joined I can’t see where / how I start new thread or post. Can you point out the obvious as I’m just not seeing it thanks
      1. Ron Ashurst
        Ron Ashurst
        Are you using a PC or Phone?
        Jun 30, 2019
        Bad Billy likes this.
    10. TrophyMan2
      Can you close the account for TrophyMan2 as I no longer need access. I've tried to find the site moderator as one post suggested but no luck. If you are not the person could you forward please, regards
    11. Matt1050
      Just changed to a speed triple from a fireblade, and I love it. Really looking forward to the summer and some ride outs with out wrist ache
    12. Mauricio
      Thank you for the add in! I bought me first Triumph ever! I have a couple of BMws and a Yamaha XSR900, but I had been looking for a while for the New Speed Triple. I found one ‘19 with only 1000 miles and I traded in for another BMW that I had
    13. Chris Ryder
      Chris Ryder
      Hi every body , being new here I dont know how to post and explain the problem I have with my tiger . Do I just do what I'm doing now ? Or what ! ...C...
    14. Mark Williams
      Mark Williams
      Thanks Rob. Looks like a very useful Forum. Been riding Triumphs for 6 years; had a Tiger 800, currently on a 2017 Tiger Sport and will soon be collecting a new Speed Twin.
    15. Voodoo
      Thank you Rob!
    16. Basshead
      Hi all, back on a triumph again after 36 years of Hondas ( except for a new Yamaha in 2000 ) bought a 2004 sprint st 955i and I love it !! Good to see a lively , helpful forum
    17. Jeff O
      Jeff O
      Hi, just bought my first Triumph it’s a 2013 Triumph Thunderbird 1600. I went for my first ride on it yesterday after not ridden any bike for 10 years, must admit I was a little nervous, plus the fact that I had never ridden this style of bike before, consequently when I set of it took me awhile to find the foot pegs, A few problems encountered, fork seal seems to be leaking and gearbox very clunky up to 4th gear,
    18. Damog
      Greetings all, have just purchased a 2017 speed r . Couldn’t be happier.
    19. Mike leigh
      Mike leigh
      Hello all.thanks for letting me join.from france
    20. heinrichsmit
      Hello All. Thanks for letting me join.I am in Houston, Texas. I am big vintage Kawasaki guy. I restored and own quite a few 70/early 80's Kawasaki bikes. I am picking up a 2003 UK Speedmaster and a new USA frame. It has been sitting for many years. I am going to build it over on new frame. I hope to get some advice from you guys as I go through this process.
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    Aug 22, 2019 at 9:58 AM
    Apr 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM
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