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Jan 16, 2021 at 11:03 AM
Apr 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM
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Engaged in conversation, Jan 16, 2021 at 11:03 AM
    1. QBall62
      Thanks Rob for the welcome!
    2. Mops
      Hello. Could you please kindly close my account and remove all my posts. Thank You.
    3. Johnnymoto
      Hi Sir, will you please close my account and remove all my post ?
    4. grebmrof
      Rob, would you please remove me from your listing of members. Thank you.
    5. Steven Dvornitzki
      Steven Dvornitzki
      Hi Rob,
      Is there a chance to change my profile name as I don't want my full name on my profile. If rather it be unclebob1971 please.
      Thank you
    6. Markus
      Is it possible to create a "prefix" for the "TIGER 1200"-riders? There are many people who have to "hide" in the "tiger/explorer" section without an "own" prefix for their bike.
    7. Stingy1
      Shit forum full of adverts. Deleting
      1. Steven Dvornitzki likes this.
    8. Alan black
      Alan black
      Hi guys. I have had OCABS come up on my rocket 3 gt this morning.
      Tells tells me to look in the manual but unfortunately my manual is in Scotland at this time and I’m in Hertfordshire.

      Any ideas on how to fix this problem or turn it back on.

      I’m not quite sure what I’ve done.
    9. BATEBY45
      Hi I have changed my Email provider to outlook.com with a slightly different name, how do I get you to send me forum posts to my new address?
    10. White Tiger
      White Tiger
      I purchased my Tiger GT 900 Pro today! Yea me, right? However, I ended up with a Red one since it only had 800 miles and the dealer and I negotiated a very good deal.
      My question is if I can change my profile name from White Tiger to SkyDog? It might be confusing to others since my profile name is White Tiger with a Red bike.
      Thanks and looking forward to reading more about this bike!
    11. Geoff Clarke
      Geoff Clarke
      Thanks for letting me join. I've just bought an 04 955i. I'm looking for the rubber studs, bungs or whatever they are called, that fit underneath the top box to stop it rattling.
    12. James rennard
      James rennard
      Hi rob im hope this forum would be a good place to find a Triumph Bonneville 750 t120 engine for sale and gearbox will consider buying a full bike if must the engine or bike must be preunit only!

      Many thanks jim
    13. Wingers
      Hi All
      Recently returned to riding after a long break and just purchased a Tiger 1200 xrx 2018, awesome machine, looking forward to embarrassing the the world of triumph brand motorcycling.
      I’ve also acquired a genuine gear assist and wanted to know how best to install myself.
      Appreciate any help or word of wisdom
    14. Triumphal385
      Hi Rob,
      Can you please let me know when my Halfords card will arrive? I've been waiting since March. Thanks.
    15. chris hill
      chris hill
      Hi Rob. Could you please change my screen name to Chill59 ...Thanks
    16. atrampabroad
      Hi Rob, I‘ll see how things go and decide whether to subscribe in the next few days. Grant
    17. stewart mccann
      stewart mccann
      Can I have my name changed to Kammy please, can’t see anywhere I can do this on my profile.
    18. Kenbro
      Hi Rob;
      I haven’t received my Halfords discount card yet, am I being impatient, or should I be worried.
      Thanking you,Ken.
      PS. Was wanting to buy a TomTom Rider and thought the discount would be handy.
    19. Brian rae
      Brian rae
      Hi Rob,
      As per J S Chappell `s request below....can you change my full name on here to Beezer please?...
    20. Keaney
      Please close my account... sadly the Triumph wouldn't work with my bum ankle so I've gone back to forward controls... thanks for the ride guys... all the best...!
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    Jan 16, 2021 at 11:03 AM
    Apr 27, 2012 at 4:44 AM
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