Triumph Bonneville 904s Special, 2008, Excellent Condition - On Ebay Now, £0.99p Start, No Reserve.

Discussion in 'Triumph Twin Power' started by PieMan, Aug 9, 2022.

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    Triumph Twin Power Bonneville 904s Special

    This 2008 Triumph Bonneville 904s EFI is a one off special built by the owner of TTP (Triumph Twin Power) as his personal bike with no expense spared. Due to age related rubbish eye sight and hearing, I have now stopped riding, so my pride and joy is now up for sale. The frame and the tank are more or less the only standard items left from the original bike.

    This bike was bought in 2012 with 8,000 miles on the clock and has now done 11,152 miles, only 2,500 miles since installing the 904s Big Bore Kit. The engine is producing 83.3bhp (+37.3% over OEM) with a juicy 64.4 ftlb of torque (+44.7% over OEM) and due to the lighter parts used, this bike weighs in at about 184Kg dry (roughly 10% less than stock & dyno graph to prove power & torque in photo's section).

    The available power with the overall lighter weight of the bike, along with the lighter alternator rotor gives brilliant acceleration and is great fun to ride.

    The suspension is customized. The GSX-R 750 inverted forks were completely stripped down with all bearings and seals replaced. They have been customized and tuned so they aren’t as harsh as a sports bike may need and give a superb comfortable ride, but also give the bike great fast road handling.

    This Bonnie has great acceleration, excellent top speed, handles beautifully and is extremely comfortable to ride. The fueling is obviously perfect, you won’t find a better example out there.

    The list of personalization and customization is extensive, so the list below is quite lengthy.


    TTP 904s Sports Big Bore Kit

    Lightened Alternator Rotor

    790 In & Ex Camshafts

    TTP Safe Start

    Barnet Green Clutch Springs

    Titanium engine mounting bolts (0.4Kg weight saving)

    New style sleeker oil cooler pipes

    New engine covers all round

    Old school triangular Triumph engine badge on rotor cover

    Blacked out inlet manifolds

    Triumph oil filler cap, throttle body caps, clutch cable bracket and choke knob

    Airbox removed with TTP Stage 2 Kit installed.

    Exhaust header pipes black ceramic coated with header cooling fins

    Custom silencers – Thruxton TORS cut down with straight through baffles wrapped with Acousta-Fil to give a lovely low down bass sound, no tininess at all. They are black and have polished aluminum reverse cones to complete a great look.

    Frame & Bodywork

    Honda CBR600 17” alloy wheels powder coated in satin black with new bearings and seals

    Suzuki GSX-R 750 K6 USD forks with the stanchions black DLC coated. Compression, rebound and sag adjustable. Complete with new bearings and seals (over £2000 to complete)

    Wave wavy floating front discs

    Yamaha R1 gold spot monobloc front calipers (new seals)

    Suzuki GSX-R 750 bottom yoke

    Billet black headlight brackets

    Cognito Moto Top Yoke

    Koso RXF Multifunction TFT LCD Digital Speedo

    Triumph Teardrop wing mirrors

    Handlebars powder coated in satin black

    Thruxton Rear Sets

    Custom Side Panels

    CalFab Box section alloy swinging arm (over £800)

    Nitron R3 rear shocks (over £1000)

    Custom chain guard and engine sprocket cover

    Wavy Rear Disc

    Triumph Scrambler custom single seat with rear hump cover (also Scrambler rack kit)

    TTP Up’NOver rear caliper relocation bracket

    Keyless remote ignition on/off with keyring control

    Upgraded and relocated MOSFET Regulator/Rectifier

    Brand New Battery

    Also comes with:

    Original seat

    17 Tooth engine sprocket on the bike and a 19 and 18 tooth sprocket.

    17 tooth sprocket - around town and country road riding (great acceleration, brilliant fun)

    18 tooth sprocket – good for most riding

    19 tooth sprocket – for fast motorway riding (less engine noise at speed)

    Collection from Bournemouth, Dorset.








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  2. Dougie D

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    That looks great, good luck with the sale

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