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Discussion in 'Triumph General Discussion' started by Νάσος Απολλωνάτος, May 5, 2021.

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  1. First of all I'm posting some pictures of my new baby. Accessories fitted so far are: Tank pad, engine guard, fly screen and bobbins. I may add the belly pan, but not sure yet. I was thinking of the Quick shifter, but the majority of my riding is in town with low speeds so I don't really see any point to it. All in all its an easy bike to ride and handles quite easily on the twisties as well. Bike gets a bit warm after some heavy traffic especially in the hot Greek weather.

    So Questions. I would like to ask if someone in this forum knows that parts from other triumphs will fit the Trident. For example, other bar end mirrors from other models... But especially the brake and clutch lever. These two are the only things that annoy me on the bike. (so far). They are really short and the brake lever is especially cheap. For sure on the 2022-23 model Triumph will change this but I wanted to know if maybe someone here know part numbers that may fit.
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    Hello Nassos,

    I have a Trident 660 on order and have looked for other bar end mirrors too as I don't like the ones Triumph offer with the bike.

    I now know the bar end mirrors from the Speed Twin will fit, so I've added them to my order with the dealer, so I have the part numbers. They are expensive compared to aftermarket mirrors. See here;

    He mentions the clutch and brake levers too in that video, TEC Bike Parts. I've ordered something similar from Evotech Performance.

    From the rider's view, I think the round mirrors match the circular dash very well but I prefer a wider view and I know what the Speed Twin mirrors are like.
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