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Discussion in 'Triumph General Discussion' started by Glenn2926, Jan 12, 2023.

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  1. Glenn2926

    Glenn2926 Senior Member

    Dec 21, 2021
    I have booked my 900 RP in for its first service in a couple of weeks. I am slightly over the 6000 miles and it’s a couple of months early. It is going to West Yorkshire Triumph.
    How much can I expect to pay for this service?
  2. John Clifton

    John Clifton Member

    Aug 3, 2022
    Hi Glenn. I bought my 900GT at about 7500 miles so I don't know about the 6000-mile service. However, I was quoted 'over £600' for my 12000-mile service 'because it includes valve checks'. I'm guessing the 6000-mile service doesn't include the valve checks so should be cheaper than that but I wanted to set yuour expectations so that you are hopefully pleasantly surprised when you pay! Let us know the final cost...
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  3. Allan Robertson

    Allan Robertson New Member

    Jun 22, 2022
    East Kilbride
    Try the online booking on triumphs website, should give you a range of services and costs. My trident has a first annual service, 10k miles, £210. The 40k service is £750 !!!
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