Thruxton Thruxton R Swing-arm/triple Tree Removal Help!

Discussion in 'Thruxton, Scrambler & Trident' started by COFFEE & CROISSANTS, Feb 1, 2023.

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    Feb 1, 2023
    Kent, UK
    Hi Guys,

    New to the forum, but figured it would be the ideal place for this kind of advice! Apologies in advance if any of this has been covered before, I have tried using the search feature to no avail (maybe me and forum searches will never get on).

    I’ve got a Thruxton 1200R that I’ve already done a fair bit of work too. However there are a few bits left on my list that I don’t feel comfortable tackling myself.

    Long story short, I want to remove the swing-arm, and the lower fork triple tree (I’ve already addressed the upper one) so that I can have them powder coated satin black.

    I don’t really have the tools or the know how to strip these down properly on my own, nor do I trust myself with bearings and the like.

    Ideally I’m looking for somewhere that would be happy to:

    • disassemble the relevant parts
    • keep the bike on the bench/stand whilst I had the parts powder coated (turnaround of a few days)
    • re-assemble the bike properly once I’ve brought the powder coated parts back

    I just don’t trust myself to re-assemble everything properly and in keeping with manufacturers spec etc.

    I’ve already reached out to Thornton Hundred, but understandably there weren’t able to help. And I foresee that my local Triumph dealership might not be able to help either.

    So I guess my question is, does anyone know a custom garage that might be able to help with the above? Or failing that, is there someone with a lot of experience in this and a well stocked garage on here that wouldn’t mind helping out for a crate of beer and a lot of IOU’s haha!

    Thanks all! Any help is greatly appreciated!

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