Street Triple 675 Vibration/clutch Judder

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Joeski, Jul 23, 2019.

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  1. Joeski

    Joeski New Member

    Jul 23, 2019
    Howdy, newbie to the Triumph and these forums but I'm having some quite serious judder/vibrations coming from my 2016 Street Triple (8,500 miles), i'll explain further as i'm not sure if there's a couple of different issues going on...

    On first startup there is quite a knocking sound and a lot of vibration which seems to be coming from the bowels of the engine - this could be normal for a triple, but it seems a lot more noticeable than on the previous st3 I test rode. A lot of this seems to be coming through the bars and there's also a bit of a weird clunk/notchy feel when pushing down on the front forks and i'm not sure if this is amplifying the vibrations - could be head bearings maybe?

    Secondly there is a LOT of judder on releasing the clutch when pulling off in first gear, even with high revs and slipping the clutch. Possible warped plates? I'm not sure if there are any common faults with these clutches or not...?

    Lastly, when applying power in revs below 6,000 there is a lot of judder/vibration coming up through the bars and seat, this disappears for a bit and comes back in again from 10,000 revs upwards. This is amplified more when the power is pulled on harder.

    Some friends have told me that it's typical for these bikes to behave in this way, but after getting dead hands after an hour of riding it really doesn't seem right to me and i'm slightly concerned that the issues are either clutch, gearbox or bottom end issues (I always think of the worst case scenario lol). It has the Triumph QS fitted and isn't the smoothest when it comes to shifting, always seems to "clunk" into gear which is unlike any other bikes i've ridden with quick shifters, so i'm wondering if the previous owner abused the bike a bit and i'm left with a bit of a dog o_O

    SO i guess my questions initially are if there are any common problems with these bikes which I should be looking for? I spoke with a Triumph dealer who told me there was a slight issue with a clutch collar, but it was a real brief convo so I don't know any more details...

    Thanks loads for any help
  2. RSReggie

    RSReggie Active Member

    Apr 9, 2019
    North West UK
    Hi Joeski, from your description it does sound like you have a problem.
    I would drop by you nearest Triumph dealer and ask them to take a look - hopefully free advice !

    Good luck !
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  3. Rspete

    Rspete Elite Member

    Jun 17, 2018
    Hi and welcome joeski, it doesnt sound good buddy, as RSreggie said take it to a specialist.
  4. Joeski

    Joeski New Member

    Jul 23, 2019
    hi guys, ok looks like a trip to Triumph :(

    I've been doing a bit more digging and apparently the clutch stutter on release is a known issue and could possibly be the collar causing it - if so it's covered under warranty so that's good.

    So I think i'll book it in for them to take a look at that as well as the headstock bearings and get their thoughts on the other vibrations.

    As for oil levels, they're good and correct oil has been used.

    Thanks for the feedback
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