Speed Triple 1200 Rs - The Revolution Is Coming

Discussion in 'Speed Triple' started by SuperHans, Jan 12, 2021.

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  1. typeo123

    typeo123 Member

    May 25, 2017
    Berkshire, UK
    I've gone the same route. I've had Speed Triple's since '01 but fancied a change. Only thing that will probably gripe me about the V4S is the fuel range, seems it's thirsty and going to be lucky to get 100 miles before the fuel light comes on. Bit of a wait for delivery but it was the same for a black 1200RS when I was looking to order.
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Elite Member

    Apr 19, 2020
    I agree with Andyc1 regarding power and everyone has their own view on what suits them, I have a 765 STRS amongst other's, had an ST1050 until a few months back and find my 2020 STRS a better all round machine. I have been riding a Panigale 1299s regularly, it puts out 215 BHP with the mods, including a full Akro system fitted by Ducati that cost an eye watering £4500, it weighs less than my 765rs handles like it is on rails, the electronics are far more advanced than that on the new 1200rs, the wheels are a work of art and ever so light, I enjoy the wide spread of power it delivers, through the tight twisties it is fantastic and fires out of the apex's exceptionally well. I am not really sure why power on motorcycles provokes such hot debate, by that I mean as a comparison look at the cars we drive the BHP and electronics, does anyone ever drive them to their capability on public roads, we see 200, 300 and more BHP cars but accept them for what they are, I appreciate the engineering and electronics they have and enjoy driving some exotic cars when the opportunity comes my way. I can say hand on heart I get pleasure riding a 10 BHP sixties 2 stroke trials bike or the 215 BHP 1299s, at the end of the day for me it's all about riding for enjoyment. Ride safe all
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