Speed 400

Discussion in 'Triumph General Discussion' started by Tosgha, Feb 11, 2024.

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  1. Tosgha

    Tosgha Noble Member

    Jul 31, 2018
    Took a Speed 400 for a test ride yesterday, thinking about a second bike to go with my Speed twin 1200. First impressions on what were not perfect road conditions: quite nippy, didn't seem to do much if you wacked the throttle open through the gears but pulled out of corners well in 5th or 6th gears with no real need to change down. Good front brake. Would have the dealer change the tyres straight away and change them for Michelins as the Pirellis did not inspire much confidence in the damp conditions. Bikes wont be available until June.
    Anyone else tried it out?
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  2. Markus

    Markus Crème de la Crème

    Oct 28, 2020
    I just sat on it at a motorcycle exhibition last weekend. Typically Triumph feeling with light weight.
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  3. nickjaxe

    nickjaxe Active Member

    Sep 2, 2020
    Cheshire UK
    Looked at my 1st one at Triumph Chester UK today....quite impressed.....looks Triumph Quality.

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