Shinko Tires - Not Working For Me

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by curlywurly, Sep 19, 2023.

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  1. curlywurly

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    Mar 9, 2021
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    97 Thunderbird Sport, had the following tires on it for many years (10+), and was very happy with them.
    Front AVON AV55 Storm ST Ultra 2 120/70 R17
    Rear AVON AV56 Storm ST Ultra 2 160/70 R17

    Tried to order the same, I'm in the USA, and just couldn't get hold of them so ordered the following
    Shinko160/60-17 120/70-17 009 Raven Motorcycle Tire Combo Set Front & Rear

    I'm not happy about the feeling I get from the front end now, with the Avons it was very neutral/natural, just normal, never even thought about them, with the Shinko, the front feels odd, hard to describe, but it's definitely not neutral, I have played slightly with the pressure - is there anything else I can try before I throw in the towel for the front tire.

    The Shinkos get great reviews, but if I have to get a new tire, any recommendations, other than Avon, as they seem hard to get hold of.

    One thing I have noticed, the manual/specs says OEM fit was this
    Tyres: Front, 120/70 x 17-inch. Rear, 160/60 x 17-inch

    So, the Shinkos\'s are sized to OEM, but the Avon's spec are slightly different for the rear, but worked really well, so, if looking for an alternative would it be better to with the Avon spec?
    Can a different size rear impact the feel from the front?

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