Service Spanner Reset

Discussion in 'Triumph General Discussion' started by Eddie efc, Mar 6, 2021.

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  1. Col_C

    Col_C I can't re...Member

    Aug 5, 2015

    Last time I used TuneECU it was ok (6 months +), haven't used since but looks like it should be ok again.
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  2. Speedy Pete

    Speedy Pete Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2019
    Unfortunately that message is still present with the ongoing fault, I have had an email from the program owner saying there should be a new update today.
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  3. Speedy Pete

    Speedy Pete Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2019
    Back on at last :)
    There is a temporary link via the Tuneecu forum, where you need to delete your current app and any license file connected to it, then pay 0.01Euro to download a new app and the site owner will renew the license within 12 hours
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  4. FellZebra

    FellZebra Senior Member

    Mar 9, 2020
    Cheshire, UK
    I've no experience with tuneecu, but for resetting fault codes I bought Dealertool software.
    Maybe it's just me but I didn't find setting it up the easiest of jobs but once it's installed on the computer it works fine. I'd recommend it
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  5. Speedy Pete

    Speedy Pete Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2019
    From the forum.
    Please visit the following page:

    - Download the update from there-
    - Choose the license type, in your case "Customer € 0.01EUR"
    - Very important!! Enter your Google account, with which the software was previously purchased, in the field below.
    - Click on the button "buy now"

    - Before installing the update, delete in your TuneECU directory the old "user.lic and or bikes.usr.
    - Make sure your device is connected to the internet and start TuneECU.
    It is possible that the license has not yet been activated, this takes up to 12 hours.

    - If the license is not yet active after 12 hours, contact the developer
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  6. paule

    paule New Member

    Oct 18, 2021
    hi all, a newbie here. I have just bought a 2020MY street 765rs (its actually on 19 plate as was a triumph prerelease journo bike). The spanner is on as the previous owner hasn't ridden it for a year, (since it was last serviced) so didn't get it serviced. I'm happy to change the oil (not that it needs it) but I note dealertune say on their website their kit cannot reset the service indicator. Anyone know if Tuneecu can now? if not ive just put the year back to 2020 on the bike - seems ok lol
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  7. Ducatitotriumph

    Ducatitotriumph Crème de la Crème

    Apr 25, 2019
    I know that it does on a speed rs with no worries.
    Same speedo so i'd say yes (welcome to be wrong though!!!)
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  8. Pegscraper

    Pegscraper Elite Member

    Jun 12, 2020

    I've just installed Dealertune on an old laptop I had lying around runing W7 32 bit and it works fine although the website stipulates a 64 bit OS is required. Installing the correct driver is, or can be the awkward bit, just make sure you choose the right one for your OS.
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