Riding Modes With Thruxton Rs

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Bradley Perry, Feb 16, 2023.

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  1. Bradley Perry

    Bradley Perry Well-Known Member

    The Thruxton RS handbook states the following....

    Press and release the MODE button on
    either the left hand handlebar
    switch housing until the
    required riding mode is FLASHING in the
    Mine does not flash on selection (I only ride with sport mode)... does anybody else find this is the case....???

    The reason I ask is that sometimes the mode reverts to Rain and on one occasion Road... This normally happens after bike shut down and turned on again the next weekend.... and occasionally while riding.

    Bike has a DNK tune and ran great for the first 1400km in Sport, but clean running was always never particularly good in Rain mode, which was of no concern to me.

    Recently the bike started running poorly in Sport mode at lower city cruising speeds but would start to respond with more throttle and revs.... (it felt like a fuelling issue to me rather than ignition misfire)

    Last week I reinstalled the DNK map.... Bike is back to it's best when given a handful of throttle, and better, but still not as clean as it used to be at lower road/engine speeds.

    Any ideas....???
  2. Iceman

    Iceman First Class Member

    Apr 19, 2020
    Scrolling through the modes then selecting the required one it remains static and not flashing, once selected and confirmed it will remain in the chosen mode immaterial of how many times the machine is stopped and re started. Your machine should not switch between modes itself, it requires manual input to change, if it happens like you describe then a fault exists, if you have a Dealer Tune or similar you can look up stored fault codes (even if no dash warnings have come on) to ascertain if a fault has been registered in the EMU, these can then be cleared if no part is at fault causing the map switch. It could be the DNK map that is triggering the fault. The different modes alter the EMU so different characteristics are in play i.e. lower power and fuelling maps.
  3. Ge-Minigun

    Ge-Minigun Active Member

    Sep 20, 2021
    Virginia (USA)
    I have no idea, however it might be low voltage in the battery. Mine would do the same thing after a ride and not getting back on it for a week or more, it all stopped after I got a Battery Tender. I noticed slow/hard starting and actually had to jump it one time, thought what the heck, get a tender. Now after every ride, I leave it over night to cool off, next day put it in its corner, connect the tender then cover...as mentioned, haven't had any issues since.
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