Outstanding Mileage From Supercorsa’s

Discussion in 'Speed Triple' started by SteveRS, Oct 13, 2019.

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  1. RSReggie

    RSReggie Active Member

    Apr 9, 2019
    North West UK
    I notice the back gets a bit squirrelly under hard acceleration when leaning at speed . New tyres feel like it's on rails. Cheers for suggestion I will look into that sport attack option .
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  2. SteveRS

    SteveRS Noble Member

    Jan 12, 2019
    British Columbia
    Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I need a tire that’s stable under full throttle corner exit as well, so that’s good to know.
  3. OhCrumOn

    OhCrumOn Well-Known Member

    May 2, 2019
    My rear was toast after 3,200 miles, front followed at around 3,800. Funny part is I didn't even think about replacing the front while it was in there. Went for a ride a few weeks later and it felt like I was loosing the front around mild bends on a group ride. I was explaining the sensation to a buddy and he looked at my front tire and simply said 'well there's your problem'. I've never had a front tire go so south in such few miles.
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  4. SteveRS

    SteveRS Noble Member

    Jan 12, 2019
    British Columbia
    What pressure were you running?

    XLRS SPEED TRIP New Member

    Sep 1, 2019
    Victoria, Australia
    Mine have done 5500km now and still working well but pretty worn. Going in for Bridgestone S22 on Friday and a track day on the 24th. Missus has S22 on her S1000R and loves the grip & feedback, should suit the trumpy I reckon.
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  6. SteveRS

    SteveRS Noble Member

    Jan 12, 2019
    British Columbia
    Very nice. Do let us know how you make out.
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  7. David_RS

    David_RS Well-Known Member

    May 7, 2019
    [Metzeler M7RR update]

    Hi Steve (and all).

    I have almost 1,000km on the M7RRs now - and my opinion hasn’t changed much, they are definitely a great tyre (for me) and definitely a massive improvement on the Supercorsas (again, for me, and the way I use my bike).

    I think the ride hasn’t improved quite as much as I had hoped. It is marginally better, and the improvement is most noticeable on sharper edges. But the bike is still very firm for the roads I ride the most (and this is with the suspension in the ‘comfort’ settings as per the owners manual). Obviously any improvement is a good thing, but it is maybe a little less than I originally thought.

    Where I have seen a truly massive improvement is with grip in less than ideal conditions. In the heavy rain we have here, a (deliberately harsh) handful of throttle in first gear had my SCs struggling for traction. In comparison, the M7RRs just wheelies... The difference is huge.

    My usual route is a 400km loop of Malaysia (starting and finishing in Singapore). There must be hundreds of corners, but I can remember a few of them a little too well (for all the wrong reasons!).

    The one I will try to explain (as an example) is a sweeping left hander, well sighted, and would be pretty fast if it wasn’t for a side road almost perfectly on the apex. The view is still good (so you could see anyone trying to pull out) but there is a more significant problem - the rain washes dirt and gravel from the (unsealed) side road right across the road at the apex of the corner.

    My technique is to keep my speed down (obviously) and then ‘double apex’ the corner so the bike is almost vertical whilst it goes across the dirt/sand/gravel trail in my path.

    The Pirelli’s still complain at this. The handlebars go light, and you can feel both the front and the rear wander wide as they cross the sand. Not nice, but manageable.

    The Metzelers just lap it up. By the time I got to this corner my confidence was high, and whilst I did slow (and slightly double apex the corner) I deliberately took more speed than ever before through this turn, and therefore at a higher lean angle. The M7RRs just grip. Yes, they wandered a little, but much less than the SCs, and this was it a higher speed. They felt more predictable, more stable, and I felt more in control. I also didn’t feel the light/vague steering I felt previously.

    I have seen people mention that the Metzeler’s are less stable under full throttle corner exit. For me - maybe. I use all the throttle on corner exit frequently, and the M7RRs are more than up to the job. I think they do squirm a little more than the SCs, but I think this is in line with the slightly improved ride quality - both due to a softer side wall, I’m guessing. For me, this is simply not an issue as the difference feels marginal. I also like a little ‘movement’ on both the throttle and brakes as (for me) it adds to the sensation of riding hard.

    Lastly, the Metzeler M7RR was standard fit for the original S1000RR - so I don’t think there are any significant deficiencies to speak of.

    Hope that helps anyone thinking of switching tyres. I had assumed I would go for either the S22s or the Rosso Corsa IIs after these, but think this might be my tyre for the Speed Triple.


    PS. Tar snakes! Yes Steve, have been caught out with these before! But that was in the US or the UK. In Malaysia, the road maintenance is a little more ‘informal’. Although I have seen a real snake or two. And monkeys, lots and lots of monkeys....
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  8. SteveRS

    SteveRS Noble Member

    Jan 12, 2019
    British Columbia

    Thank you for a very insightful update on what looks like a very capable tire. It could be what I’m looking for as well. That was well written and an enjoyable read. I look forward to more updates on how the tire behaves as more miles are logged. Thanks again David.

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