Norton 961

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by johne, Jul 30, 2023.

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  1. johne

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    Jan 16, 2020
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    Has anyone here got one or ridden one? I rode the 'old' 961 from a few years back and frankly I was disappointed, The fit and finish was great, but the engine was pretty awful to be honest. For a bike of that capacity performance was very average and the motor itself was vibey. I've never ridden a 70's Norton with the Isolastic set up, but I understand if it was adjusted properly that system worked well. So if they got it more or less right all those years ago why can't they do it now? Reading the sales blurb for the current bikes, the new owners of Norton are supposed to have done many changes to the engine to alleviate this issue, balance shafts etc. but watching road tests/video blogs on the bike, most tend to say the engine is still a dog. I quite like TMF, he seems a down to earth bloke and he didn't like it. When you are forking out around £16k for a bike I think you'd really have to be a fan of the marque to accept such shortcomings. I have to say if I do take the plunge and buy another large capacity parallel twin engined bike it will probably be a Speed twin, but I will try to blag a ride on a 'new' Norton first. As I started off saying, has anyone here got experience of riding or indeed owning one?

    (TMF? The Missenden Flyer a Youtube vlogger)
  2. Tosgha

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    Jul 31, 2018
    I nearly had a mad moment a few months ago. The black version looks so gorgeous I was really tempted to buy one but it really didn't make any sense when I compared it to my existing Speed Twin. I think the problem Norton have created for themselves is it looks so retro and faithfully looks like a seventies commando (engine wise at least) that it still retains the vibes of old that now have to be excused as 'character' but which most riders today would see as unacceptable.
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