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Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by kawless, Feb 5, 2024.

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  1. kawless

    kawless New Member

    Jan 19, 2024
    Hi everyone.. first time triumph owner.. can't seem to find the newbie posting.. seen the newbie posts but can't find where to start a newbie post.. do just reply to a newbie thread?

    will introduce myself as soon as I know how to post to say hello! just bought a 2023 triumph speed twin 1200.. been riding bikes since the mid seventies and had many bikes over the years mainly Kawasaki.. hence now "kawless" hoping to offer and receive advice on accessories and tech help. first tech question is.. what are the tail light wire colours on the europe spec 2023 speed twin 1200.. would like to add a second brake light and would like to know what colour is the brake light wire? I've installed the skearn p3 tail and brake led's which use very low amps.. did install skearn p3 brake leds on my previous bmw r1250 rs and had no faults from canbus showing up.. I understand the triumph speed twin also users canbus.. as any members installed a second tail/brake light on the speed twin and did any canbus faults show up? as member installed the skearn p3 tail brake led's to the speed twin 1200 and if you have what colour was the brake light wire.. can the tail/brake wires be excessed from under seat or do we need to remove the oem tail light to excess the wires?

    will be adding a heal tech thunderbox.. so plan on using the green live as a switch live and black earth terminals from the thunderbox as ground.. then just posi connector the skearn white wire from the control box to the brake wire on the tail light.. hence why I need to know the wire colour for the brake wire.. the best way to check is via a volt metre but hoping some as fitted a second brake light and know the brake wire colour for the 2022/2023 triumph speed twin. thanks for this information in advance to me introducing myself as soon as I work out how start a newbie post..

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