Scrambler New Owner Questions, Engine Noise, Software Updates

Discussion in 'Thruxton, Scrambler & Trident' started by Tristan Kaminsky, Apr 15, 2021.

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  1. Engine noise

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  1. Tristan Kaminsky

    Tristan Kaminsky New Member

    Apr 5, 2021
    Portland, OR
    #1 Tristan Kaminsky, Apr 15, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2021
    So I just recently purchase a used 2019 scrambler 1200xc w/1200 miles (bought new in June 2020 in Spokane, WA Empire Cycle) and the service wrench is on. I have previous records from when the last service was done back in October 2020 at the dealer and only has 70 miles since then. I was told the light is coming on due to a time frame, which I would like to change. The local triumph dealer near Portland charges 1/2hr for labor to turn off the light and they are trying to talk me into doing a software update.

    What is the benefit of doing this update to spend the extra 1/2hr of labor totaling out at $130 for the hour? I have notice some low idling surges when I would come to a stop. Usually it goes away after 10 mins of riding. My question is, will this fix that issue or is it normal? I bought this bike from a husky dealer as-is and everything was fine before I bought it. One other think I notice after the bike is complete warmed up, the valves seems to be kind of loud (oil level is good). Apparently the previous owner stated that this in the last service report, but I didn't notice nor did I get the second sheet of paperwork stating this concern on the bike till I called the original dealer. This kind of piss me off and I know that's probably why the original owner didn't include that second page because of the notes. BUT the triumph mechanics that did the service said (TEST RODE UNIT (PASSED) I DID NOT HEAR ANY ABNORMAL OR EXCESSIVE NOISE FROM THE ENGINE).

    I might be paranoid, but I would like to maybe get a second opinion being this bike is still under warranty and it might be just worth bringing it in for that as well. This is the most expensive vehicle I've ever owned, so every little thing gets to me now and just want to make sure it's running prefect being the bike is less then a year old and only has 1200 miles.
  2. Ducatitotriumph

    Ducatitotriumph Crème de la Crème

    Apr 25, 2019
    If it was a full service history and is still in warranty, all good I would think.
    As for the s/w update at the dealer, i'd personally do it as if something happened and you'd known/been told about it prior, it's an excuse for them to argue.
    For the wrench, tuneecu is your friend BUT if you want the warranty to be valid, its a dealer service.
    Fine afterwards though (when warranty expires)

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