Need Help : Varnish And Paint

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Georges23, Oct 24, 2023.

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  1. Georges23

    Georges23 New Member

    Oct 18, 2023
    Hi all,

    Recently, I used an antirust varnish polish product that I found on the internet to protect my car from corrosive effects. I applied this product with it to the exhaust and other parts.

    Now I'm exploring the possibility of repainting these areas with a second coat of paint to bring a new look to my car. However, I wonder if this could cause problems due to the anti-rust varnish being applied beforehand.

    Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Can I add a new coat of paint over the anti-rust varnish without compromising its effectiveness?

    Your experiences and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your response!
  2. Ensee

    Ensee Member

    Sep 12, 2023
    Hi Georges23,

    I've not used an anti-corrosive varnish before, but without knowing more about the product I'd probably go down the route of making a test piece.

    Get some old metal scraps, similar to the materials you've already coated, then coat them with the varnish, leave a good few days to fully cure, maybe add some heat cycles (replicate exhaust getting hot) if you feel that's necessary?

    Then apply whatever coating you're wanting over the test pieces, leave them exposed, outside maybe for a few days and see how they've reacted, and again subject the newly coated test pieces to heat cycles if you feel it's necessary.

    Inspect and physically test, try scratching to see if they fail easily or are resistant, that should test the bond between the two coatings.

    Not sure if that's of use or if you have the time to try, but first thing that popped into my head. Good luck pal

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