Interphone Urban Rider To Pillion Intercom - Sold

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing' started by Rooster, May 23, 2022.

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    Interphone Urban Rider to Pillion Intercom Set, good working order. - £80 including delivery

    Note that this set contains different methods of connection, firstly if comes with the generic mounting kit that can be used to mount the system in any full, modular or open face helmet. Secondly it also come with an
    Audio kit dedicated to the SHOEI touring range of helmets. Features: "Hi-tech" microphone. Dual "High performance" ultra thin headset. Optimum sound quality, compatible with the Shoei NEOTEC, GT-AIR and J-CRUISE.

    I seem to have lost the paper manual, however, I do have a PDF version that I will email to the purchaser.

    Full Specification:

    Interphone Urban is for city use. Dynamic and with colourful details, it is compatible with the majority of helmets available on the market.

    With Interphone Urban you can receive calls on your home-work commute and confidently reach any destination by following the directions from your Bluetooth®-connected GPS.

    But if you like travelling outside the city with your partner, Interphone Urban is also perfect because of the easy driver-passenger communication that’s essential for sharing the excitement of a journey.

    Thanks to its recordbreaking autonomy, travelling will never be the same again. Fitted with FM radio, music and GPS, Interphone Urban is not only easy to use but also complete with functions and perfect in any weather conditions. Available in black with white keys and details.

    • Talk time: up to 12 hours
    • Standby: 1000 hours
    • Charging time: 2 hours
    • Direct function buttons (Quick Touch)
    • User-friendly interface
    • Smartphone App: compatible with iOS and Android. Allows intercom configuration and control directly from the Smartphone
    • Anycom: allows communication with all Bluetooth® intercom devices by different brands, in full duplex mode
    • Firmware update-ready directly from PC (Windows)
    • Waterproof level: IP67
    • Rider-to-Passenger
    • Up to 100 m
    Mobile phone
    • Speed dial: possibility to store one telephone number, with rapid redial via intercom command
    • Voice call (depending on mobile phone model)
    • Last number redial
    Build-in FM-radio
    • 88.0 MHz to 108 MHz receiver
    • RDS function (adjusts to best frequency depending on area)
    • 8 pre-set stations
    • Automatic storage of first 8 most powerful stations
    • Automatic radio mute for incoming calls
    • Compatible with most major Bluetooth® navigation devices for motorcycles
    • GPS voice instructions
    • Compatible with most major smartphone navigation Apps
    MP3 / Music
    • Wireless MP3 music (A2DP/AVRCP) through Smartphone and MP3 player
    • Song Sharing: music sharing between rider and passenger
    Compatible with
    • Majority of helmets on the market
    • All smartphones equipped with Bluetooth® technology
    • GPS navigation devices with Bluetooth® technology and HFP profile
    • Intercoms by other brands
    • Earlier Interphone models
    • Pre-recorded voice messages (with updatable multi-lingual packages)
    • Directional wind-proof microphone
    • NDVC - noise dependant volume control
    • Dual volume adjustment mode a) for jet and modular helmets - b) for full face helmets
    • Chipset: low-energy high performance processor
    • Bluetooth® version 4.2
    • USB connecter charging cable microusb
    • Connectors for microphone and speaker (MINI USB) and forcharging, data and AUX (MICRO USB)
    Pack content
    • Control unit rapid release system
    • Double installation bracket for helmet (clip and adhesive) (NOTE the adhesive brackets will require some adhesive to attach to the helmet)
    • Internal audio unit with ultra-thin earpieces
    • Boom microphone (jet and modular helmets) and adhesive pad microphone (full face helmets)
    • Micro USB data and charging cable
    • Weight: 55 g
    • Length: 86.9 mm
    • Height: 50.4 mm
    • Depth: 22 mm
    * Results may vary depending on environmental factors, such as terrain and electromagnetic pollution
    ** Reduced operational range when connected to earlier Interphone models

    Interphone Prosound Shoei Helmet Accessories

    Audio kit dedicated to the SHOEI touring range of helmets. Features: "Hi-tech" microphone. Dual "High performance" ultra thin headset. Optimum sound quality. Easy to install. Adheres perfectly to the inside of the helmet. Can be used with INTERPHONE MC/XT SERIES, F5S and F5. Tested for use with Shoei NEOTEC - GT-AIR and J-CRUISE helmets. Compatibility: NEOTEC, GT-AIR, J-CRUISE

    B7CF87BF-C901-4456-A003-429B9837F3AA.jpeg B70C18D4-F4CA-4816-95F3-8D9278A84E76.jpeg CE6F214F-3590-4E92-BBAA-9C2E74002CD1.jpeg E2B88BAE-A826-4DE8-85DF-93D1D3B64A3D.jpeg 8393E15A-8841-45A5-B6F1-7A187AFCC7A0.jpeg B23CD7F3-26EF-4243-8894-73F7D0014451.jpeg E38231BD-F693-48D0-944F-8ED655451487.jpeg 7A2D8F08-9BDD-42A7-99A0-DFD72B8C7FEA.jpeg
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