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Discussion in 'Triumph General Discussion' started by In my own world, Jul 6, 2019.

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  1. In my own world

    In my own world Senior Member

    Dec 22, 2018
    West Sussex
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    From my experience of my camping trip a couple of weeks back i have figured out how not to have a fun packed excellent trip.
    Day 1. Take a slow enjoyable ride to your destination. Taking in the smells and views as you ride through the villages. Break the day up by finding a nice tea shop.
    Get to the campsite and set the tent and get to know the site. Be cheerful and respectful to other campers.
    Day 2. Remember there is no rush to do anything. Just relax. Have a cuppa or two and cook up breakfast. This always tastes better outdoors. Visit local attractions. Myself i like local museums, old buildings and off the usual tracks where holidaymakers hardly ever go. Find a local pub, cafe and have a drink and a homemade meal.
    Return to your tent for a good nights sleep.
    Day 3. After many trips to the bog overnight.Taking tablets to cure the thumping headache. Spend the whole day with cold sweats, a rolling stomach and many more visits to the bog. Save money on food as you know as soon as you eat it, it comes out the other end at an alarming rate. Stay within a running distance between bog and tent.
    Day 4. Feeling wiped out but better with the bog trips getting less. Just relax and stay around the camp. Due to the site only having a shop and toilet/shower blocks your saving money again.
    Day 5. Feeling much better with nothing to produce for the bog as you have an empty stomach you start to pack your kit up. Finding out that the small stuff bag that the sleeping bag came out from needs 5 hands to get it back in to. Set the sat nav for home. Still sweating with drops sinking into your helmet lining, All air vents open on the jacket but that doesn't help. At your halfway point you feel much better and hungry. Stop at McDonald's for a muffin or two washed down with a large cup of tea. Feeling back to normal now but tired from the lack of sleep. Start to have a bit of fun on the roundabouts on the A31. Getting the bike right down like a sports bike but with full up panniers and a loaded up top box. These RoadTec 01 tyres are brilliant right down to where the tread stops. Wave at a lot of bikers on the other side of the M27/ A27. About 20 BMW GS riders all two up. Not even a nod. Stuff them. Even a group of Harley riders waved back.
    Get home, say hello to the wife who brings out a cuppa out while you unpack. Store the gear in the Mancave, dirty washing in the laundry bin, strip off, shower and hit the bedroom to dry off. 3 hours later you awake hungry.
    Day 6. After sleeping like a log. The wife hands you a paint roller to paint the kitchen. Forgot to remember that promise.
    Day 7. Still painting.
    Day 8. Back to normal service with the weekly shopping trip.
    This is my way to have an excellent holiday. When you have your holiday i hope it will be as exciting as mine.
    What surprised me about the Tiger 1050 se was even though it was loaded up heavy with lots of start-stop traffic and spells of fast motorway speeds it still got 49 mpg overall. My maths, not the bikes. Bike comp stated 50 mpg. So it's not that far out.
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  2. Wessa

    Wessa Cruising

    Apr 27, 2016
    North West England
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    I like your holiday write up loads, the only thing that I would not want was your dose of the trots, other than that sounds like bliss to me......
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  3. In my own world

    In my own world Senior Member

    Dec 22, 2018
    West Sussex
    Bill and Ted couldn't have had a more Excellent holiday.
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