Hello from Shrewsbury

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by edski675, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. edski675

    edski675 New Member

    Dec 14, 2012
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    Richard H introduced me:smile:

    Name's Ed, I live in Baschurch, which is near Shrewsbury. I am on my third Triumph, first was a Daytona 650, second was a 675, and I have just chopped it in for a Sprint ST. I've only ridden the Sprint a few miles, it broke down on me 2 miles from the dealer, mainly I think cos the alarm had drained it while it was sat in the showroom. I usually ride in winter but it's been too cold, icy and generally shit weather to ride, so the bike has stopped in the garage:rolleyes: Living where I do, I have mid and north Wales on the doorstep, fave ride is over to Snowdon and then down to Barmouth via Harlech:cool::cool::cool: And around south Shropshire takes some beating too, the road down to Knighton and across to Ludlow and home is pretty good:biggrin:

    And I have a confession. I love triples:upyeah::upyeah:

    Here's my bike, I took this at the dealer, it doesn't really have a green front end, just that it's so shiny that it reflected the oil barrels thay'd parked it next to ha ha


  2. Richard H

    Richard H Noble Member

    Oct 26, 2012
    Swadlincote Derbyshire England
    Glad you could make it Ed, but should it not be edski1050?
  3. RiderForLife

    RiderForLife New Member

    Dec 8, 2012
    My CBR600 is hibernating in the garage too :p Freezing rain and snow in Canada here.

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