Heiana, Usa, And Almost 70 Years Old, And Own A 1965 Triumph Tr6 Which I Bought In 1995.

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by KWTR61965, Sep 28, 2023.

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  1. KWTR61965

    KWTR61965 Member

    Sep 28, 2023
    Lafayette Indiana
    I found out the problem. It was the Boyer Power Box.
    I replaced it, and cleaned up all the wiring mess, and pulled all connections apart, and cleaned and greased them.
    It's charging great now. Thanks for all the advice, all of you
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  2. speedrattle

    speedrattle Senior Member

    Feb 19, 2021
    appalachia usa
    like i said, i dont know squat about the power boxes. how did you find out that the box was bad?

    your bike is a beauty too, just sayin.

    just as a thought in the future, british wiring here in the states manufactures replacement harnesses for these things, and all the extra tools, wires, and connectors you might need. his stuff is really nice-- iused it to completely re-wire a 1969 BSA and it dropped in seamlessly. if your old harness finally annoys you enough that you want to toss it, an OEM-style replacement might be the way to go.

  3. KWTR61965

    KWTR61965 Member

    Sep 28, 2023
    Lafayette Indiana
    Thanks so much.
    I finally took it off, and used a multimeter to check across all it's poles, and had one bad reading, so according to a friend it was bad. They all should've read the same or close.
    I replaced it, and it was charging great
    I saved the wiring link you posted. It would be nice to have a whole new wiring harness. If I do it it will be later.
    The Triumph is done for now, so I'm going over the 1974 Suzuki RL250 that I bought new at that time. It shouldn't need much unless something has gone wrong from sitting.
    Thanks again

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  4. Baza

    Baza Elite Member

    Jul 25, 2020
    Home of Amazing Grace
    You old farts are mere youngsters. In 21 I bought myself a new 765 Street Triple R and I will be 77 next year.

    Re the electrics in the late 60s I converted my 61 pre-unit Tbird from 6 to 12 volts and used the Lucas zener diode system for the conversion and also used the Lucas 2MC capacitor ignition system still utilising the existing points. This allowed me to run without a battery for several years. Having looked at the wiring diagrams they are so rudimentary that I discarded the OE loom and rewired it from scratch. I still have the Tbird which is awaiting its Phoenix moment.

    PS. The bike looks really good. I love the gold. Regarding Triumph cars my mate had a Triumph Roadster complete with Dickie seats but I guess the one to covet is the Stag, the engine of which is rumoured to be two Dolly Sprint engines grafted together.

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  5. KWTR61965

    KWTR61965 Member

    Sep 28, 2023
    Lafayette Indiana
    Thanks so much about the bike.
    I hope I'm still able to ride at 77, that's great
    I went from 6 volt to 12 volt. I set it up to run without a battery, and liked it but the lights were so dim they were useless so went back to a battery, and installed the Boyer Electronic Ignition which was so easy to set compared to points, and still runs great.
    Id love to have a Stag, they were sharp.

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