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Discussion in 'Triumph General Discussion' started by Goodygixxer, Feb 14, 2022.

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  1. Goodygixxer

    Goodygixxer Member

    Apr 23, 2020
    Has anyone got any experience with the Bluetooth module with the smaller TFT dash like what I have on my 2020 Tiger.
    I didn't even realise they existed until this weekend. I thought that tech was only available on the newer 7" TFT dashes.
    I've been told you can make calls, have caller id and have music etc as well as turn by turn satnav, but wonder if it's worth the £300ish outlay. I already have a Garmin satnav which has a lot more detail and info, but it is an extra bit of kit to fit to the bike whereas the new module would include everything on the dash. Mmmm...decisions decisions.
  2. Baza

    Baza Elite Member

    Jul 25, 2020
    Home of Amazing Grace
    Had you thought of buying a comms unit and use your phone?
  3. Aaron Brown

    Aaron Brown apprentice mad reclusive genius

    Mar 8, 2021
    Austin, TX, USA
    I have a 2022 Tiger 900 Rally Pro. The Triumph bluetooth functionality in it is so abysmally bad that I completely disabled and hid all of the functions, removed the app, and unpaired it from my phone and sat nav. Now I pretend it doesn't exist, and I just pair my helmet directly to my sat nav and phone like I did before I bought the new Tiger.

    I strongly recommend against purchasing the Triumph in-dash bluetooth stuff. It's a complete waste of money, and from a function and reliability standpoint is utter trash.
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