Anyone Tried Oxford P50r Panniers

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing' started by Dominic Pocock, Feb 20, 2023.

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  1. Dominic Pocock

    Dominic Pocock New Member

    Jul 29, 2019
    Sheffield, UK
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  2. Eldon

    Eldon Elite Member

    Nov 14, 2018
    North Yorkshire
    I could offer you some leather looking offerings far cheaper?

    They came on my street twin but I don't need them.


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  3. Jimbo1950

    Jimbo1950 Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2022
    Hi, I've got a pair of the Oxford panniers which I've used on a variety of bikes. I've found them good but not 100% waterproof, you need to buy dryliners for them. I bought 30L Wunderlich waterproof bags from Nippy Normans, £9.50 each when I bought them in 2022, they did the job fine. The Oxford panniers fit on my Speed Twin 1200, resting on the rear shocks, so I would guess they'd fit a Street Twin as well. For safety, interconnect them with bungee cords, looped around a suitable frame tube in case the panniers decide to take a different route to you and your bike!
  4. Jimbo1950

    Jimbo1950 Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2022
  5. Jimbo1950

    Jimbo1950 Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2022
  6. barneymusician

    Jun 11, 2020
    Chiswick, London, UK
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    I have these.
    They're very good.
    I bought them as a stop-gap whilst I searched for optimum panniers for my Street Twin (more on that below...).
    I used the Oxfords extensively whilst couriering as a volunteer during the pandemic lockdown (scrubs for clinics and hot meals for homeless) and they did the job perfectly without complaint.
    A friend then borrowed them for a tour and also loved them.
    They are hardy with many straps of generous velcro for safe securing so I also felt confident travelling at speed with them.
    The zip-out extenders a great feature to give extra space when needed and slim profile when not.
    I think they look relatively good too and despite being perhaps more styled towards sports bikes don't clash too abruptly with the Street Twin's aesthetics (see photos).
    The upsweep shape at rear to avoid exhaust heat/burn also handy and in fact my mate that borrowed them, put them on the wrong way round initially without problem and that way round might be preferable if you have a pillion so less chance their leg room hampered. from the knee bend through calf to foot. (so you can have a pillion on whilst using them no problem)
    They certainly hold up in drizzle fine and (as I recall) came with waterproof over-covers that look like they'd put up a good fight against more persistent rain (I'm a leisure rider - that sounds awful - so avoid crap weather unless unavoidable).
    Perhaps the only real downside to these is that the plus of their secure fastening facilities is also their takes about 10 minutes of strap-faffing to get them on or off which perhaps less of a problem if touring so only doing this once a day when checking in to hotel etc. It also fine if the bike not being left out of sight for long such as if couriering because one wouldn't be leaving the bike unattended for long enough for any scroat to get the wrong idea. But not ideal if one looking for a quick convenient on/off system. The only other downside might be that as saddlebag style you can't (easily) mount one instead of two.
    I paid £100.39 for mine via SportsBikeShop but that was 3 years ago...I'd shop around for a better deal on them than that you mention.
    I will now mention a second pair of panniers I bought that with less capacity but more fitting style-wise and which I in fact use regularly use one of at a time off the bike as my go-to carry bag. They have proved to be hard wearing and stylish with hand buckle and zip pockets all made from good quality leather and as such extremely good value for money. They came from India. Here's the link (they may be discontinued but if so there will be similar available)
    I will also mention that I did some slightly obsessive research on best panniers for me and my bike...for you or anyone that not dozed off yet...strap in ('scuse the pun!)

    Panniers...I have thoughts and questions.

    1. I think my ST looks best without panniers or rails...however...
    2. Sometimes I need to carry stuff.
    3. Rucksacks can be sweaty, you not the bike are carrying the weight and in a spill they could be dangerous.
    4. Topbox? Just NO.
    5. Rear rack? See 4.
    6. Roll bag etc? Ok, it can sit on rear of saddle and a good solution for medium loads but what if I need to pillion?
    7. So I need panniers, which means I need rails (if panniers so small and high that rails not required then load must be light so I’d say may as well use a rucksack or rollbag or get your pillion to carry a rucksack..)

    So WHAT panniers?!

    A) Must allow for a pillion.
    B ) Decent Size (20+ litres each)
    C) Sensible Price to Quality point
    D) Not overly clash with the ST look

    And preferably...

    E) Can be put on singularly independant of each other
    F) are either quick release & attach
    or relatively permanent fix with inner bags that can be removed (the logic that these both best to avoid theft)

    So looking for the pannier sweet spot there a few that tick some - but not all - boxes.
    The SW Motech good but pricey at £460 complete -
    (this made up of 2 x - and 2 x ). They do however have the holy grail of quick release and independent of each other. The racks look cool and I have anecdotal evidence of them protecting the bike in a drop. They come with inner waterproof bags but do also recommend occasionally wax-waterproofing the outer for protection.
    As mentioned below Hepco and Becker do a similar system, the legacy is even more pricey although they do a cheaper version - Kriega also do a system - They're all good but less than perfect IMO...
    There was ONE set by Touratech that up until recently was the only pannier that fitted all categories criteria listed above...but they've discontinued...I think tragically due to lack if interest!!!
    However,,,their sister company Ortlieb do bicycle panniers and with the 16mm diameter clasps they fit the classic rails I have on my Street Twin (also a good look for most in the Bonnevile range except perhaps the Bobber). A great advantage of these panniers also is that there a great variety so you can choose what best suits your needs or even 2 or more pairs as desired and of course if also a cyclist like me you can use them on the bicycle too!
    Here they are -
    The only BIG (and it is big) question is does Ortlieb or anyone have any information on whether any/all of their panniers are safe to use on a motorbike? The main concern perhaps being that they'll safely stay on at speeds of up to 70mph and if not that what maximum speed could they safely be used at?
    (The Touratechs rated to 70mph use) I rang Ortlieb and understandably they didn't know though I did point out there a potentially huge market if they did some testing...
    So, as I own a pair of these I'm going to test increasing speeds. I'll fit a camera at the back of the bike to film them as I go and might report back here (though very aware that I may well be screaming in to an echo chamber of OCD here).

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