A Babe Off, Not On A Bike.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Fork Lock, Dec 9, 2022.

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  1. Fork Lock

    Fork Lock Elite Member

    Feb 5, 2021
    South Jersey, The 51st State
    Here's a babe OFF, not ON a bike - or a scooter anyway.

    The wife and I just got back from two weeks in Key West, FL. We were in rented car. These two clowns were in front of us on rented scooters. They were wobbly, riding side by side instead of in tandem and weaving heavily. They were obviously inebriated. No helmets. They clipped each other's mirrors three times. Then the inevitable happened. They were doing about 25 mph and collided, side to side, hard! She went down, ass over tin cups, and hit the ground. Then he ran her over and went down. We called for first responders and then rendered aid. My wife is a retired paramedic. She assessed the woman's condition and tried to keep her immobile. The woman had a nasty gash on the head, her mouth was cut, there was road rash on her shoulder and knee, and she had been unconscious for about thirty seconds. He appeared unhurt. My wife tried to keep her still, but she insisted on sitting up. I directed traffic and kept the road open so the ambulance could get in.

    We left as soon as the medics had things in hand.

    Wouldn't it be awful if they were newlyweds? Imagine getting injured and then charged with DUI on your honeymoon? Could have been a lot worse. Full.PNG Girl 2.PNG
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  2. surlyone2

    surlyone2 Active Member

    Mar 29, 2022
    New Zealand
    Good onya FL .. and your good wife ! It's what we do, even if they are forkin' idiots. And your last sentence sums it up perfectly ... 'scuse me for a second ... :grinning::grinning::grinning:
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  3. Pegscraper

    Pegscraper Elite Member

    Jun 12, 2020
    That is a bad situation. No point banging on about the foolishness of such antics on a biking forum but kudos to yourself and your good lady for doing what I guess most decent folks would do and render what assistance they could. A bit of good fortune there with Mrs Lock being an ex paramedic:).
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  4. triumph900

    triumph900 Active Member

    Dec 24, 2017
    Darwin wins again...
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  5. David Reynolds

    Jun 26, 2020
    Browns Valley CA
    At least you were well attired there, Fork.
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  6. TEZ 217

    TEZ 217 Crème de la Crème

    Mar 6, 2016
    south shields
    Well done Sir to you and your wife,:cool:
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  7. Fork Lock

    Fork Lock Elite Member

    Feb 5, 2021
    South Jersey, The 51st State
    Representin' the Brand!
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  8. capt

    capt Elite Member

    May 8, 2016
    western Australia
    ATGATT ......

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