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Featured 765 765 Rs - A Year On - My Humble View.

Discussion in 'Street Triple' started by Bad Billy, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. Bad Billy

    Bad Billy Baddest Member

    Jun 1, 2017
    #1 Bad Billy, Jul 10, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2018
    Well I have owned my 765RS since May last year and have covered over 5,500 miles, so what’s it like to live with?

    Let’s just qualify what I use the bike for, it is a toy, I don’t commute or use it for trips to the shops, I don’t ride much in the winter or in the wet, not because I can’t I just don’t want to!

    During the kinder weather I ride every weekend & often an evening during the week, a normal ride out is between 100 and 120 miles.

    I also do a trip abroad once a year with a load of mates, we all ride different sorts of bikes, a few Superbikes a couple of other Street Triples both 675 & 765 versions and a lot of other super naked, this year it was Northern Spain where I covered 1600 plus miles in 7 days of riding.

    Comfort - So I’ve done a few hours in the saddle and like most other bikes you fidget after a hundred or so miles and honestly can say about 2 hours is as much as I want to do without getting off for a stretch. That said the riding position does not put weight on the wrists so compared to most sportsbikes I have owned it is quite comfortable.

    Riding – This is a very easy bike to ride fast or slow, it has 5 different modes – Rain/Road/Sport/Race/Rider, TBH I have never used rain so can’t comment, road feels a little lame, sport is a good all round mode, track seems to move the power up the rev range at the expense of the lower down grunt and is great providing you are revving it hard which is good fun and it makes rapid progress, Rider mode you can dial in or out whatever you want with ABS traction control to various settings or just turn it all off, if you want wheelies turn it all off!

    Engine - The motor in Sport mode pulls fairly cleanly from 3,000rpm right through to the red line with no hesitation or on/off throttle response that you get on some of the newer euro 4 bikes. In Race mode the bike seems a lot more responsive, power comes in higher and harder but you need to hold gears longer and have it spun up over 9,000rpm to appreciate the extra oomph!

    Handling - I am quite a big lad, 6’3 and 16 stone so when I set the sag up I did have to compress the front and rear springs by quite a few turns in order to get the sag set to exactly halfway between soft and hard road set up, I then dialled in the recommended sports settings from the manual. I must say that the handling of this bike is sublime, confidence inspiring and up to any sportsbike out there through the twisty stuff. The suspension is quality and every click makes a difference.

    During my trip to Spain I got it very wrong on three different occasions running into a corner way too hot that then tightened back on itself (different corner each time, I’m not that daft!), on each occasion I was able to stand it up on the brakes to scrub off a bit more speed then turn in anyway, toe slider, knee slider and footrest all touched the deck but it went round with no fuss despite me obviously running out of talent!

    Tyres – The original Pirelli Super Corsa’s were excellent, the first rear did 3000 miles, I stuck on another for the trip to Spain & I had no issues with these on the dry and very grippy roads, but the time we were heading back the front had very little tread left after 5000 miles on it (they don’t have much to start with!) and a couple of heavy rain showers had me riding like me granny as to say there wasn’t much feedback from the front would be an understatement. I have now put a set on Michelin Power RS but it is too soon to make any real comparisons with the Pirelli SC’s.

    Brakes – Fronts Brembos are fantastic with huge power and feel, the back is a bit of an ornament to be honest, okay for traffic but even trailing into a corner has very little effect.

    Build quality – Nothing has gone wrong, nothing has fallen off and the quality of finish all round feels very good, like a premium product. I would recommend this bike if you like something that is easy to handle and quick as a sportsbike through the bends but you’re not too hung up on having bragging rights down the pub talking shit about how you’re flat out everywhere on your 200BHP fire breathing widow maker!

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  2. andyc1

    andyc1 #2121313

    Feb 4, 2017
    N. Ireland
    Right now the street triple is the only new triumph I'd consider buying. I had the 675 and that bike was just so much fun! I just couldn't see it happening though as I have a big naked bike that feels like a middle weight and a thruxton r which I dont plan on letting go for good while! I couldn't do 3 bikes but the 765 is probably no.1 on my want list. Nice write up and nice to hear about a bike after a years ownership ;)
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  3. Bad Billy

    Bad Billy Baddest Member

    Jun 1, 2017
    I agree with you, having seen the amount of problems with other models in the Triumph range I am glad I bought the Street Triple. When I bought this it was a straight choice between a new RS or a second hand KTM Superduke 1290 as the later would have been probably 3 years old I chose the Triumph. I have a good mate with a KTM SD 1290 who was on the trip and he was loving it, probably the best I have ever seen him ride, I don't think I would have regretted either choice of ride.
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  4. Angus

    Angus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    South Africa
    Cheers BB that's some good feedback ! I still want to test one and it's bigger brother, would have done so by now had it not been for work and other things consuming my time. Still very interesting to read your experience living with it for a year. Thanks for sharing.
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