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Discussion in 'Forum News' started by Iceman, Dec 2, 2021.

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    Apr 19, 2020
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    Hi all I received an e mail a few days ago regarding improvements for the 2022 TT that i thought may be of interest, I have copied a link rather than the one from my personal e mail address that it was sent to for obvious reasons. Just copy and paste into your web browser. It's obvious a lot of effort and time has gone into this in the 2 years of absence from all the IOM Road Races. Air Bag suits are looking to become mandatory in the next few years, along with a raft of new rider kit requirement's for 2022, personally I think these changes are fantastic for all competitors, crews etc, not to mention live streaming for the races, can't wait for it to all start in 2022, especially now JM is back with Honda. Most of all I am really looking forward to seeing Maria Costello and Vicky Cooke who are set to compete as an all-female sidecar team for the 2022 TT, Vicky Cooke is an accomplished passenger who comes from a family steeped in racing history. Maria Costello is well known for racing solo and sidecar, with a speciality for the roads, up on the podium with the likes of JM at the Classic TT racing a Patton.
    Ride safe all
    TT Races Return with New Safety Management System Designed to Drive Safety Performance (acu.org.uk)
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