Thruxton 2017 Thruxton Highidle Saga Continues

Discussion in 'Thruxton, Scrambler & Trident' started by Furrygreg, Mar 28, 2021.

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  1. Furrygreg

    Furrygreg New Member

    Aug 28, 2018
    Walcott, Iowa
    So far everything I have tried to fix the high idle issue on my 2017 Thruxton has failed. Just to remind anyone reading this, on the 2017 Thruxton, there are no mechanical cables, idle screws, mixture screws, or adjustable throttle position sensor. On the TPS on this bike, there is yellow anti-tamper paint on the TPS securing screws. The manual specifically states that the TPS is not adjustable, so I am not keen on messing with that item. Just a quick recap of what I am dealing with. On cold start, the RPM immediately goes to 3,000 RPM. Once at full operating temperature, it goes to 1,400 RPM. Normal RPM should be 2.000 RPM cold, 1,000 RPM at normal operating temperature. The issue first started late last summer. I went to start the bike, and the bike made a popping noise, did not start, then the check engine light came on. I connected my dealertool and found a P2125 code for TWIST GRIP POSITION SENSOR 2 SHORT CIRCUIT TO GROUND OR OPEN CIRCUIT. I bought and replaced the twist grip sensor (Triumph P/N: T2041554) with a new one. no change, still had high idle issue. I plugged the old sensor back onto the wire harness without installing it in the throttle. Same high idle issue. One thing I did find is that if I twist the throttle grip hard against the stop, the cold and normal operating RPMs drop to where they should be. When I release the throttle grip, the idle immediately goes to the higher RPMs. The wires for the throttle twist grip route through the headlight shell, so I need to go into that area and look for shorts. I will need to meter out all the wires that go from the throttle twist grip #1 & #2 to the ENGINE ELECTRONIC CONTROL MODULE. Fortunately, I have access to the entire wiring diagram. I really do hope I find a wire grounding out. I suspect somewhere in the headlight shell. My wiring diagram shows which pin with color coded wire goes to its numbered pin in the ECM connector. Important thing to remember is to fully isolate the motorcycle battery from the electrical system prior to disconnecting or reconnecting the multiport connectors to the ECM. Is there anyone else out there that has experienced this issue? Any help will be appreciated. I hope to get this issue resolved soon.

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