Tiger 1050 2008 Tiger 1050 Alternative Seat And Luggage

Discussion in 'Tiger / Explorer' started by AndyF, Sep 19, 2021.

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  1. AndyF

    AndyF New Member

    Sep 9, 2021
    Isle of Man

    I have a 2008 tiger 1050. It s a bike I love and myself and my wife intend to do some longer trips on it when Covid allows. She find it mostly comfortable, but says that she tends to slide forward on the seat. My first question is, does anyone make an alternative seat for it that might stop this. We test rode a BMW K1600 recently and the seat was better, but while it is a great bike, it wasn't 20K better than the Tiger.

    We also need hard panniers, (already have an after market top box), and I don't think the triumph ones are available for 2008 models anymore. Does anyone have any recommendations for good looking hard luggage? I don't fancy the aluminium box type ones.



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