1999 Triumph Sprint St 955i Looking For New Home

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by SurreyWill, Apr 14, 2023.

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  1. SurreyWill

    SurreyWill New Member

    Apr 10, 2023
    London, UK
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    Hi all,

    My father bought this 1999 Sprint ST brand new some 23 years ago, and I’ve enjoyed it for the past few years but now it’s time for it to finally leave the family. It’s a really cracking old bike - a real pleasure to ride and quite the head-turner especially with all the luggage on - but I don’t have time to devote to its upkeep, I barely have time to ride it any more, and unfortunately the ULEZ expansion is another spanner in the works for this bike as it’s not automatically exempt and it lives in what will be the expanded zone right now. I've heard tell of others getting the model exempted but can't vouch for how easy it is to sort out.

    Would like to sell it as seen, so full and honest disclosure on condition to avoid any mucking around:

    It runs very well - since it’s been in my charge I’ve given it some TLC and done much of the basics myself, including adjusting the valve clearances last year. It had brand new head bearings as part of putting it through its last MOT. Rear tyre is nearly new, front still got plenty of miles left on it. I very recently serviced the rear brake seals.
    Cosmetically it’s got some scratches and scuffs on the belly panels and a crack and some old repairs in the fairing near the windshield and unfortunately it suffered quite badly in the cold snap this winter, developing some bubbling on the fuel tank which I understand should be reparable with a little effort and patience. One of the rear indicator stalks needs replacing which I can source and fit on request if needed.
    It has a factory fitted (datatool maybe?) alarm system which still works on the ignition, although the motion detection sensor seems to be broken or possibly just stuck; which IMO is a huge blessing as it used to go off in every passing breeze when it was “working properly”.

    It’s got a full original Truimph backbox and pannier set fitted, very capacious. It’s a truly fantastic touring machine, one or two up.
    I’ve got a few spare fittings and a valve lifting tool I can chuck in with it.
    Still got the original owners manual, two sets of keys and spare keys for the luggage system.

    Currently showing ~22,100 miles.

    I’m not in any particular rush, but before August when the aforementioned bloody Zone expands would be ideal!

    Asking for any sensible offers in the region of £950 I reckon.

    Selling from London SW15 until 16th May, then from Towcester Northants.

    Has very recently had MOT so > 1 year left (good to 24th May 2024)

    P.S. if anyone here knows of any other good places to list this please let me know!










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