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  1. Chipper
    Hi. Just joined the forum. Looking forward to getting many questions answered and perhaps meeting folk if they are in my neck of the woods.
  2. Mauricio
    Mauricio Rob
    Thank you for the add in! I bought me first Triumph ever! I have a couple of BMws and a Yamaha XSR900, but I had been looking for a while for the New Speed Triple. I found one ‘19 with only 1000 miles and I traded in for another BMW that I had
  3. Gpchamp
    SPRINT RS (2000) 18.000 miles, had her 2 months now, a few teething problems, but slowly getting there. So far liking the ride.
  4. Tomeu
    The bike lowers the tenths, the pilot the seconds.
  5. Claire Hurcum
    Claire Hurcum
    My Triumph with a back drop of EH Holdens, all the body shapes of an Ozzy Classic
  6. Chris Ryder
    Chris Ryder Rob
    Hi every body , being new here I dont know how to post and explain the problem I have with my tiger . Do I just do what I'm doing now ? Or what ! ...C...
  7. Dan Morgan
    Dan Morgan Dozers Dad
    Didn't know who else to ask. I have a 2014 Thunderbird and with the bike running I take the positive cable off the battery and the bike stops running. Does this mean the charging system isn't working? thanks
  8. Julian
    Julian Michael Dooley
    Hi Mike, apologies for direct messaging you.
    I can't find a thread to remove the breather seal.
    MIne seems to be stuch and I don't want to damage my case. Did you have a method to get the seal out without problems?
  9. Vecchio lupo
    Vecchio lupo Big Steve
    where you been Bro??? Im about done with this and ready for another.....
  10. Dominique Cognee
    Dominique Cognee
    Just joined the FORUM. have a Sprint ST 2001, starts with screw driver across Solenoid, missing link?
  11. wombat69
    Newbie from Vancouver Island BC Canada
  12. David Evans
    David Evans
    Hi All Bear with me I am new here.
  13. mfrobi
    all you need is "OffRoad", no matter with which vehicle
  14. connors dad
    connors dad
  15. Jimmy Macallan
    Jimmy Macallan
    Hi guys, not been on for a while and forget how to use the forum , was trying to list some bits for sale, cheers
  16. Arudge
    I'm special......special needs.
  17. Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Rob
    Thanks Rob. Looks like a very useful Forum. Been riding Triumphs for 6 years; had a Tiger 800, currently on a 2017 Tiger Sport and will soon be collecting a new Speed Twin.
  18. LimaTwoTango
    Greetings all, I’ve recently bought a tiger 1050 2008 model,14500 miles,one owner,full triumph service history,mint.let the journey begin
  19. Greg Brisendine
    Greg Brisendine
    Getting ahold of my first Triumph shortly!
  20. Groggeruk
    My name is Grogger and I'm a Tigerholic