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  1. stevehotshot
    stevehotshot Erling
    Hi Erling, thanks for your advice... I fitted a CPS, and it made no difference, so bought 3 new triumph coils, and it sounds/feels much better,. I'm pretty sure it will be OK... Next is to sync carbs, also find a way of adjusting fuel/air screws whilst bike is running, I'd love to just get it running and idling as it should, then I can just RIDE it! Thanks again.. Top chap..
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  2. MPTriumph
    MPTriumph ChuckyC
  3. MPTriumph
    MPTriumph Patriot
    Hi, I just saw that you were looking at a shirt design photo that you couldnt get back to. I don't know if it was mine you saw but I posted one recently.
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  4. Sandi T
    Sandi T Arno triple
    Happy birthday, Arno triple! Hope you're having a great day.
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  5. ChuckyC
    ChuckyC Patriot
    Welcome to the world of Triumphs! Where in WI are you located? I am on my 2nd Triumph and live near Lake Geneva.
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  6. Romulus1986
  7. Sandi T
    Sandi T SteveXFR
    Happy birthday, Steve! Hope you're having a good day today. Celebrate! That's code for "go for a motorcycle ride", BTW. ;-)
  8. Sandi T
    Sandi T Martine
    Martine, you're back!! Hope all is ok and that you will give us an update soon on yourself and your riding. I've missed you here.
  9. Sandi T
    Sandi T stinger
    Happy birthday, stinger! :-)
  10. Richard O
  11. emo72
    emo72 PatW
    Hiya I have the exact same Bonneville as yours. It's 2011. Can you tell me if it's an SE? I'm trying to find the difference between standard and SE. Thank you.
  12. airbornewoolfie
    Gone away for a while, see you on my return
  13. eetolaser
  14. Sandi T
    Sandi T DanielB
    Happy birthday, Daniel! Hope you have a great day. Perhaps you'll change to that Tiger as a gift to yourself? ;-)
  15. PhreePhall
    Amateur hobbyist.
  16. Sandi T
    Sandi T Tim Stich
    Happy birthday, Tim! Haven't seen you on the forum for a little while so hope all is ok. Hope you got to do a bit of celebrating for your birthday!
  17. Amberrr1po
    Never give up
  18. surlyone2
    Lost in Space
  19. Helmut Visor
    Helmut Visor Gage Peters
    Need help figuring out electrical issues with cluster gauge. Only while running get no feedback and no power to cluster.
    Stick it in the Technical section mate
  20. Frontlinemedic
    working and riding