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  1. QuadumphUK
    QuadumphUK thallium61
    For some reason couldn`t answer your message. So here is again.
    Hi and Welcome. The forks are Daytona 955. Mine are early ones that use mechanical speedo drive, later ones use electronic. The stem uses same bearings as Trophy. Only thing had to change are the lock stops on the frame
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  2. MPTriumph
    Corpus aevum, animus iuvenis.
  3. MPTriumph
    ...Trying to figure out how to change my avatar picture!!!!! Very frustrating! LOL
  4. Hawaii street twin
    Hawaii street twin
    I don't see how to post a photo of my bike on this website. cant figure it out.
  5. thallium61
    thallium61 QuadumphUK
    Hi there, I'm a newbie, seen your trophy pics, I just got an 02 trophy 1200 and want to change forks.. What forks did you use, and what did you have to change to get them to fit? Cheers Clive
  6. DCS900
    Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man!
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  7. Iron
    Now that I am allowed, I'm using BB code
  8. Sandi T
    Sandi T Havit
    I'm really sorry to read that you spent your birthday down for the count with the flu, Wayne. You'll just have to pick a different day to celebrate it instead. Cheers! :-)
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  9. Simon McTurk
    Simon McTurk
    Back in the saddle... after 10 years :)
  10. Sandi T
    Sandi T Havit
    Happy birthday, Wayne! I hope you have (or had at this late hour) a wonderful day. Cheers, Sandi
    1. Havit
      Many Thanks Sandi, i spent it with flu unfortunately, but I'm getting better now, Thank you for your thoughts x
      Sep 7, 2021
  11. Steve Essex
    Steve Essex
    Changed oul cooler and now engine light is on ?
  12. Herman66
    Herman66 Rob
    Hi Rob, Magas589 sent me dating site spam...
  13. Herman66
    Herman66 Rob
    Sent daring site spam by new member, not very happy about it as get enough of that on my phone as it is!
  14. wizard
    wizard Tosgha
    hi, i am not sure if how you sent pm on this forum as i find it not that user friendly,this might be it not sure
  15. Sandi T
    Sandi T LEZ90
    Happy birthday, Lez! Hope it was a good one. :-)
  16. pilot3
    pilot3 Rob
    Hey Rob, is there any way we can have a minimum post count here for new members to send PM/conversations? I am beginning to get sex spam messages and all have been from brand new members, one who had only been a member for 20 minutes.

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  17. Christopher Crosbie
    Christopher Crosbie
    Got the thruxton All clean after a Sat ride!
  18. Vitriol
    Vitriol Bobby Wilkins
    Hello Bobby!
    I read that you offered some people to "dropbox" them the manuals of the Speed four. I just bought one from 2006 on Mayotte but the oil light started flashing and I'm concerned... :s
    I cannot seem to be able to source the original manual to buy.
    If you could provide the manuals to me it would be very much appreciated! :)
    Have fun, ride safe.
  19. Rod Angel
    Rod Angel
    Busy doing nothing
  20. GoSquirrel
    GoSquirrel Rob
    Hi, can you close my account please? Sold bike years ago, now receiving spam from this forum. Thanks david