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  1. t552
    t552 cavsp3
    If selling the green tank and it's in good condition I could be interested
    Cheers. Paul.
  2. christy d
    christy d
    Hi folks just bought a set Tors for my speedmaster do I have to get it returned to suit many thanks in advance.
  3. christy d
  4. andyb3456
    andyb3456 crispey
    Hi, Hope you can help please? Looking for torque settings for '11 BonneSE & thoughts on Halfords Adv. Torque Wrench 3/8" Sq. drive, 12-60N.m. member suggested you posted excell. info? I've looked thru &unable to find? Bought: Panniers,eng. bars,sump guard,grips &summ screen in sale. Need torque wrench to complete? concern torque wrench starts 12N.m. is this okay? Help, feedback is most appreciated? ATB Andy
  5. Stephen Fitzgerald
    Stephen Fitzgerald
    Thanks for accepting me onto the Forum. Just fettled my Street RS for the long haul to Aberdeen. Will post again soon.
  6. Dave Burton
    Dave Burton
    So Speed Triple gone. Hello Rocket Roadster
  7. Andrew Hindle
    Andrew Hindle Gaz477
    Hi Gaz, Did you sell the Thunderbird?
  8. Lee Seddon
    Lee Seddon
    Hi, has anyone experienced windblast on Speed Triple 1050 ? If so, what people have tried, altered or added to reduce this.
  9. Darren t765
    Darren t765
    Finally gone back to triumph after a few years off. Bring me that triple whistle
  10. KebabAndChips89
    Just joining the club, in preparation for collecting my new Street Triple RS 765 this weekend!
  11. Paul Walker
    Paul Walker
    It took me a little while to get use to the trophy se, but glad I made the change.
  12. Paul Walker
    Paul Walker
    Hi I'm Paul. I brought a triumph trophy last year in October. I had a gs1150 2003 from new and fancied a change
  13. Wakey
    Hi hope someone can help Triumph Bonneville cuts out at speed 2005 will start after leaving igniter box £690 not sure if it is help please
  14. Pitbull
    Soon to be Speedmaster after trading current XRT 16 plate also have a 17 plate Street Triple (10th Anniversary Edition in gold and black)
  15. Richard Dicks
    Richard Dicks
    1972 Triumph Trophy TR6P engine mounting parts
    1. Richard Dicks
      Richard Dicks
      Bought a 1972 Triumph Trophy TR6P and there are parts missing. Manage to find a lot of them but am stumped about any engine/frame mountings/supports from rocker boxes to frame and also support bracket for the petrol tank. Any body got any picture looking down on top of the bike with the tank off. Got the parts manual and everything else but no reference to those parts?
      May 2, 2018
  16. Jaykun85
    Lost a fight with my Speed Triple and it broke my foot *Ouch*
  17. Clarkey
    Haven't been on here for a while still loving my speed triple after nearly 4 years of ownership
  18. Hack Driver
    Hack Driver dilligaf
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  19. Clarkey
    First ride for a while great to get out in the sunshine
    Hi Forum I have a T100 2015 not had it long it revs at 1000rpm should I up the revs to help with the battery and starting problem.