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  1. Shirls
    Shirls Rob
    Rob .. how do i start a new thread? I want to ask about my exhaust
  2. t552
    t552 andyb57
    although the machine has gone I have a couple that I did by hand. Not as pretty as the ones done by machine but are better than stock.
    cover the post and give me your addy ill see if I can get one out.
  3. MPDano
    Restoring away...
  4. T25
    I had a t120 . Just installed ohlins for few weeks :)
  5. Bigtwinthing
    Mechanical Engineer working on Bournemouth.
  6. Emlin
    Emlin MattGaydon
    Hi Matt, where about are you from? It would be nice to go for a ride from time to time.
    I just brought my bike here from Italy and I don't know where to go for a ride, I don't know other bikers... it is so frustrating!
  7. Tucker 1963
    Tucker 1963 Scott Bishop
    Hi Scott sorry I can't help as I don't know myself.
  8. Gazwhitespeed
    Gazwhitespeed Rich Bryce
    Hello Rich,My mrs got the wrong end of the stick today,I think his name is Robert [he phoned today as a courtesy] and the wife told him a few things about the bike I ain't happy with,she said it was you who told me the tank had been off,well she got that wrong and I don't want you getting a bollocking for something you did not do,it was Robert who told me about the tank,regards gaz
  9. Crusherles
    now completed my move to Cyprus, just sorted my Bonneville registration if You fancy some mountain air rides then message me
  10. Batswetmonth
    awaiting my scrambler
  11. odinz
    odinz Rooster
    Hi bud i see youve helped out in posting photo problems.I dont seem to be able to upload any photos,any advice.Im not too clever on these things,cheers mate.
  12. Darren Thomson
    Darren Thomson
    Brought my triumph back from Sydney to uk now looking to register here and get my v5 logbook anybody imported a bike before??, any tips??
  13. Darren Thomson
  14. OsteKuste
    OsteKuste Celticages
    Thought the pics in your gallery looked like my stomping grounds, East Tenn Appalachian Mountains.
    1. Celticages likes this.
  15. OsteKuste
    Hiding away from the -15c weather we are enjoying this January
  16. thebiglad
    Bloody rain and wind right now - not good :( :(
  17. Rich Bryce
    Rich Bryce T25
    Hiya. What bike do you have the Ohlins on?
  18. Charles Virone
    Charles Virone pistonbloke
    Hello and Happy new year. I noticed you offered a poster some help on changing an air filter on an Adventurer 900. I am about to undergo the same procedure and was wondering if i had to remove the carburetors to do so. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers. Charles Virone
  19. Crusherles
    Been without bonneville for 4 months whilst in storage and shipping to Cyprus reunion 2 days before Christmas, result, here we go
  20. Crusherles
    ride 1Hills of paphos, good way to start new year, since leaving the uk, couple of phots in gallery, looking forward to opening her up.