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Discussion in 'Triumph General Discussion' started by Gissyt, Jan 14, 2024.

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  1. Gissyt

    Gissyt New Member

    Oct 29, 2023
    Time for a refresh.
    I posted on here as a newbe a while back. I bought a 2016 Speed Triple R and took a 1200 mile ride across spain on it. My first non-jap bikr in 40 years on the road.
    It was a bargain buy as it has nearly 50k miles on the clock. The bike is mostly clean but a little tired. It performs very well and I am very happy with it.
    Anyway. The last time I rode it back to the workshop the radiator sprung a leak so it seemed like a good time to get my hands dirty.
    I have a ZZR1400 and have a Tiger Sport 1050 on its way to me (i. Px for my Harley, dont ask!) so taking the S3 off the road for a bit won't hurt.
    So, today I have stripped off the tank and bodywork and taken a good look at what I am taking on.
    The engine has some paint damage and corrosion right at the back so I'll need to strip the motor out to fix that.
    There is some damage to the tank from the adhesive on the badges. So that needs sorting. It is tempting to carbon wrap it but I do like the matt grey. Not sure yet. Might even paint it all in something a bit brighter. I'm thinking something a bit more like an old YPVS.
    There is some boot damage to the frame paint near the footrests. I got a local paint shop to mix me a colour match but I am going to try making a carbon frame protector out of some 1mm thick sheet.
    The nice gold forks are showing some wear on the gold nitride and they need sorting. I am thinking I might get them replated in black DLC.
    It has aftermarket indicators that were badly fitted so I need to make something new for the back to move them in and down a little.
    While the engine is out I will get the valve clearances done as it will just be easier.
    I quite like the idea of getting the wheels aqua dipped in carbon. I have toyed with polishing them along with things like the heel plates and radiator caps. I even though about polishing the frame as I did this to a YZF back in the 90's and it worked for me. Not sure it would suit the S3 though.
    Not sure what else will get done but all bearings etc will be checked and changed. The intention is to end up with something a little different but still keeping it looking like a Speed Triple. I really like the bike and intend it to stick around a long while.

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