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Discussion in 'Triumph General Discussion' started by beerkat, Apr 29, 2021.

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  1. beerkat

    beerkat Senior Member

    Aug 14, 2019
    Cheshire UK
    #1 beerkat, Apr 29, 2021
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    I've just decided to SORN one of my Hondas because it's only running on 3 cylinders and has one or two other issues. So I won't be using it until it's fixed, which is going to take a while. As the tax is due tomorrow I went online to SORN it. Using the V11 tax reminder form I typed in Up came several websites and without paying much attention I clicked on one, thinking they'd all be the same.

    The site I got asked for the usual details, V11 ref no., bike reg, my name, email, and mobile. I clicked 'Make a SORN' and was asked for bank card details in order to pay the £27 for the priviledge!!! WTF? Paying for a SORN? Since when? Thinking it was the bloody government having change the rules since I last SORNED a vehicle many years ago I NEARLY fell for it. Then I checked the website and realised it wasn't a site.

    I came out of the website and this time opened the correct site, followed the procedure, and (of course) it didn't cost a bean.

    I don't know for sure but I think the first site was legit. I reckon they take your money and forward details to the DVLA, charging you £27 in the process. Clearly, people must think it's the official DVLA site and pay up or it wouldn't be there.

    So you have been warned! A SORN is free.

    The dodgy website is Take a look.
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  2. andyc1

    andyc1 Lunarville 7, Airlock 3

    Feb 4, 2017
    N. Ireland
    I think they're legit but they count on you mistaking them for a government website.
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  3. sprintdave

    sprintdave Nurse,he's out of bed again

    May 25, 2014
    And often those sites show at the top of searches. There are plenty of other rogue sites too, for example i almost got caught on a passport site some time back, I always double check it is a legit one now.
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  4. Dave49

    Dave49 Elite Member

    Dec 30, 2019
    SW Scotland
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    It might be legal, but I wouldn't call it legit. Scam would be a better word. Thanks fot the warning, though.
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  5. Yorkshireman

    Yorkshireman Crème de la Crème

    Dec 12, 2015
    There are similar sites that some of my wife’s pupils have fallen for when trying to book driving tests which are expensive enough without having to pay fees on top of the usual test cost. God knows it’s difficult enough given the present circumstances to get a test, try August/ September because of the backlog after lessons and tests were stopped in the pandemic but it would help if they were doing more than three tests a day:mad:
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  6. Wessa

    Wessa Cruising

    Apr 27, 2016
    North West England
    A very good reminder to always check you are on the correct site for any government type interaction. Thanks for posting.
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  7. Ducatitotriumph

    Ducatitotriumph Crème de la Crème

    Apr 25, 2019
    I think that they pay google (and others) to be at the top of the search.
    Flight bookings are the same thing and I’ve almost fell for it too. Thanks for your reminder to check!
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  8. johne

    johne Senior Member

    I know a mate who fell for this very scam. A clever chap too. Can't be too careful these days. Robbin gits.
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  9. Old dumb arse

    Old dumb arse Noble Member

    Mar 28, 2020
    My GF works for the oklahoma DMV, which was only shut down 2 weeks in april, but precautions since have slowed the process, so they are now open until 9:00 pm weeknights and on Saturday until 4:00. This is a good example of how the government should be responding.
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  10. Alan Gilbert

    Alan Gilbert Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2018
    Lincolnshire, UK
    This kind of thing is outrageous. The skunks running this site need their arses suing!!!!!
  11. Smilinjack

    Smilinjack Crème de la Crème

    Aug 14, 2016
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