New Triumph Bonneville Owner Here...of Course Some Questions!

Discussion in 'Bonneville' started by kwc, Jul 14, 2023.

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  1. kwc

    kwc New Member

    Jul 8, 2023
    Vancouver, Canada
    Hi all,

    So I'm moved from a Honda Shadow 750 to a 2015 Bonneville SE. Some new owner buyer anxiety so it would be great if anyone could help me out with some noob questions: (pics attached)

    1: I'm thinking of putting a tool bag on the front forks, against the rectifier thing - doesn't seem to get hot and not interfere with the shocks. Think this is ok?

    2) Didn't come with the stock shocks, I'm not sure what model these are and how to adjust what might be "progressive shocks"? I turn them and I can see the spring wind up or down but could anyone point me how to possible adjust it for my weight? I felt I bottomed out on one particular pothole.

    3) at about 2500 RPM, I might get an annoying buzzing sound, which can be seen here. I thought it was the windshield but I removed it and I still get the sound. I can only think it might be the headlight housing cos the old owner installed some LED affair.

    4) I want to attach accessories to the crash bars - like maybe a GoPro on one side and a coffee holder on the other! (carryovers from my Shadow) - the coffee cup holder is pretty secure...Bad idea?

    4) not as important but I wanted to find a top case that matched this GIVI monokey luggage set and rack. Does anyone know what they are?





  2. Traveler

    Traveler Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2023
    Helena, Alabama
  3. Woodtickgreg

    Woodtickgreg Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2022
    Eastpointe, Michigan
    Yeah that's a nice looking bike. I would look around on givi's web site for what mount looks like that. I've never seen a rack like that from them.
  4. Samsgrandad

    Samsgrandad Senior Member

    Dec 15, 2019
    Well done You bought it!!

    The mount on the luggage rack looks like a Givi Monokey mount, it looks as if you have Monokey panniers, try one on the rack and see if it fits, if it does any Monokey top box will fit and if you are inclined you can get a set of 3 matching locks/ keys from Givi
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