Scrambler New Rider Question

Discussion in 'Thruxton, Scrambler & Trident' started by CycleNPaint, Aug 31, 2023.

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  1. CycleNPaint

    CycleNPaint New Member

    Aug 31, 2023
    Las Vegas
    With the new Scrambler 400x coming out soon I find my self asking a question.

    I am a new rider. I grew up only riding quads. but I am finally ready to get my first motorcycle.

    The question is, there is this person out where I live selling a 2018 Tiger 800 xrx Low (I'm 6') for around $5200 with less that 40,000 miles on it.

    Since no one has riden the new 400x and price (my guess) would be close to $7k, Would it be better for me to get a brand new bike with warrenty and also a lower power plant to get my feet wet. or get the tiger for its a better all round bike?
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  2. Geoff Butler

    Geoff Butler Never too old for Biking!

    Apr 5, 2021
    Hampshire & Powys
    Welcome @CycleNPaint

    Choosing your first motorbike is very personal but I suspect you wouldn’t keep a smaller less powerful bike for long based on your quad bike experience. My mate has a Tiger 800 and it is a good allrounder and might suit your height better too.


  3. Wire-Wheels

    Wire-Wheels Elite Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    California - USA
    I agree. Bikes are like shoes. You have to find what fits you, and you are comfortable with. Modifications help too. ...J.D.
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  4. sprintdave

    sprintdave Nurse,he's out of bed again

    May 25, 2014
    And most of us do modify our bikes, some for comfort, to lose weight, more power, some for looks.
    Take your time and don't just buy the first bike you see, get test rides, long ones if possible to see how the ergonomics suit you.
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  5. Wire-Wheels

    Wire-Wheels Elite Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    California - USA
    Manufacturers are so in to selling you frills, electronic gadgets, rider assists etc. Just raises the cost and their profit. You have to look past all that. At this point, there is not a new bike being made that I would spend the money on. The old stuff was much better. ...J.D.
  6. timboo

    timboo Senior Member

    Oct 17, 2021
    For any bike unless america is expensive not sure i would part with that sort of money for a bike with 40k on the clock are there no other bikes for that sort of money with a lot less miles on them?
  7. Incognito

    Incognito New Member

    Sep 10, 2023
    I think you will find the low too low at 6 foot. I think you’d get bored pretty quickly with a 400 so buying new may work out an expensive way to gain experience.
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