Touring Irish Tour Report - Here It Is

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  1. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Active Member

    Jan 15, 2014
    Well here it is, after 2 weeks and 1100 or so miles... a full report with facts, figures, pictures, what to do and see, great rides and video plus links to the items we reviewed during the trip;

    Weise Psycho Jeans
    Weise Black Rain Gloves
    Shark Evoline Flip Front
    TCX Boots (update)
    Weise Rain Suit
    Weise Dynastar Evo Jacket (update)

    Not all of these are complete yet but will be this next week. There are now 5 attached on-board videos linked from images at the bottom of the page.

    Motorcycle Heaven; Ireland 2014 Bigbikemad Tour Report - Big Bike Mad

    Snapshot 2 (25-04-2014 15-52).jpg Snapshot 1 (25-04-2014 16-12).jpg

    Ireland is really one of the best motorcycling destinations in the world - fabulous roads and very little traffic amid awesome scenery. Totally recommend it.

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    Irish Tour Report - Here it Is-snapshot-7-23-04-2014-14-27-.jpg Irish Tour Report - Here it Is-snapshot-2-25-04-2014-15-52-.jpg

    Snapshot 2 (25-04-2014 15-52).jpg

    Snapshot 1 (25-04-2014 16-12).jpg
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