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Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by MrOrange, Mar 1, 2018.

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    From Sprinter -

    What are you getting?

    Starting System Symptoms:

    Weak battery symptoms:
    -- Slow cranking.
    -- Stops cranking suddenly on compression stroke with button pressed.
    -- Starts when starter button is released at end of cranking.
    -- Charge/Test/Replace battery.
    Failure Modes:
    -- Loss of capacity. Appears to charge, voltage good but no reserve for starting.
    -- Won't hold a charge.
    -- Low voltage/cell failure.
    Preventative Maintenance:
    -- Check fluid levels regularly
    -- Maintain full charge: Regular riding, trickle charger.

    Ignition Coil failure symptoms:
    -- Hard starting/misfiring during cranking.
    -- Rough idle that can't be tuned out with carb adjustments and carb cleaning.
    -- Idle misfire clears with new sparkplugs, returns in a few hundred miles
    -- Replace: Preferably with Nology for higher reliability than stock Gill coils.
    Failure Mode:
    -- Shorted turns in secondary resulting in weak spark.
    Preventative Maintenance:
    -- None

    Pickup Coil failure symptoms:
    -- No spark at all
    -- Spark quits with engine hot, returns when engine cool.
    -- Note: Pickup coil failure is total. There is no random misfire spark loss.
    -- Replace pickup coil
    Failure mode:
    -- Thermal intermittant with long (15-30 minute) period.
    Preventative Maintenance:
    -- None. Get a spare.
    -- Ohms checks hot and cold.

    Worn starter symptoms:
    -- Sometimes won't crank until the bike is rocked in gear.
    -- Excessively noisy cranking with a grinding sound.
    -- Click from under seat but no cranking.
    Failure Mode:
    -- Brush wear progressing to commutator damage.
    -- Bearing failure related to brush wear.
    -- Rebuild or replace.
    Preventative Maintenance:
    -- Maintain battery in peak condition.
    -- Follow proper starting procedures. Neutral, clutch in.
    -- Crank 5-10 seconds at a time max., switch off for twice as long before cranking again.

    Worn sprag clutch symptoms:
    -- Very loud rattling when cranking
    -- Starter spins but engine doesn't turn
    Falure Mode:
    -- Breakage
    -- Replace sprag clutch
    Preventative Maintenance:
    -- Maintain battery in peak condition.
    -- Follow proper starting procedures. Neutral, clutch in.

    Worn starter solenoid:
    -- Click from under seat but no cranking.
    -- Won't crank after rocking bike.
    -- Starter continues to run after bike starts and won't stop until the battery is disconnected.
    Failure mode:
    -- Internal contact damage resulting in non-conduction.
    -- Internal contact damage resulting in contacts welding shut.
    -- Internal damage/wear prevents solenoid core movement.
    Preventative Maintenance:
    -- None.
    -- Replace starter solenoid.
    -- For no cranking, short across solenoid high-power terminals. Normal operation denotes failed solenoid contacts.

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