Featured Annual Barton Bike Night

Discussion in 'Rideouts, Trackdays, Touring & Spotted' started by Eldon, Jul 4, 2024.

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  1. Eldon

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    Nov 14, 2018
    North Yorkshire
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    One of the benefits of getting old :p, read on....

    The old fella has poorly legs and the last crash nearly finished him off entirely :skull:, a proper air ambulance job, he subsequently surrended his licence on the back of it. Broken back, leg etc and in his 70's


    When we came to go, and I'd purposely gone on the StreetTwin to ease mount/dismounting, he tried getting on. I'm on the front flat footed waiting for him to sit down but he was faffing about ( we call him Mr Faffer to his face :eek:).
    In the accident he broke the right leg but it's the left giving him hassle, power/stability doesn't seem great. Getting on from the nearside he simply couldn't get his leg over the rear light.
    Forward steps a woman from the crowd behind, total stranger, lifts his right leg, provides legover :yum then proceeds to put his foot on the peg. She then made sure he was settled and gives him a nice big kiss :heart:and wishes him a safe journey!

    Where's mine :rolleyes:o_O

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