2018 Street Triple Rs Dosnt Start After Crossing Jumper Cables

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Street1_rs, Feb 18, 2024.

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  1. Street1_rs

    Street1_rs New Member

    Feb 18, 2024
    I had my Triumph street triple rs in storage during the winter.

    I was going to start it last week, the first try lit everything as usual and it clicked and then everything died on the first start attempt.

    I picked up jumper cables and was going to try an extra battery but accidentally crushed the jumper cables for about 1 second.

    Now when I plug in a fully charged battery and turn on the ignition, only the front and rear DRL lights up, the fuel pump starts, the main relay clicks. But everything else is dead (instrument panel, indicators, lights, control buttons) completely dead.

    Nothing happens when I press the start button. No clicks are heard except for the ones that click when I turn the key from off to on.

    Should the start solenoid click when the start button is pressed?

    I have checked all the relays and fuses and everything is fine.

    If I cross the start solenoid with a screwdriver, the engine starts but the instruments and lights are still dead.

    Could this be a faulty starter solenoid? Can it cause these symptoms?

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