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Discussion in 'Street Triple' started by R_1000, Jan 10, 2023.

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  1. R_1000

    R_1000 First Class Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    UK, London
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    Hello Everyone

    Happy New Year to all

    I have been a member here for a while now.

    I have now sold my 2014 STR and purchased a beautiful black 2018 765RS with 6k on the clock.

    So far I have done the following upgrades...

    Carbon FBR parts:
    Tank corner protectors
    Swingarm protector
    Heal guards
    Radiator guards

    Evotech Tail
    Triumph Led indicators
    Triumph heated grips

    Lightech chain adjusters with pro bolt titanium flanged axle nut

    Scorpion RP1 GP exhaust

    Rizoma mirrors

    I was going to get ASV short levers but I really like the brembo long oems on the bike.

    Had the suspension fully setup by Brian Nicholson BN Race Science in Twickenham.


    Full service completed

    To do:
    Rosso 4s
    Supersprox plus did chain
    Locate workshop manual

    I will upload the pictures soon.

    Safe ride.

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  2. DWW!

    DWW! New Member

    Sep 1, 2020
    Look around this forum or Triumph Rat forum. There is a service manual out there.
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  3. R_1000

    R_1000 First Class Member

    Sep 2, 2016
    UK, London
    Thank you DWW

    I was told the 2014 Street Triple 675R manual can be used for my model. I have a full binded workshop manual for 2014 675R.

    I have also managed to get the 765rs manual on line. I cross checked the torque values against the 675r manual and they are the same.

    Impossible to get hold of the sprocket. Due to Ukraine war the lead times are extremely long. I manged to find one from Calsport but 47 t instead of 46. Its OK as the difference in top speed is marginal. Besides I'm never bothered about top speed.

    Thank you for your help.

    All the best
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  4. Iceman

    Iceman First Class Member

    Apr 19, 2020

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