1967 Triumph Bonneville Tt Special

Discussion in 'Vintage Classics' started by emlupi, Aug 13, 2022.

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  1. emlupi

    emlupi New Member

    Aug 12, 2022
    Good evening all,
    I am contemplating purchasing this '67 TT Special as a restoration project. I am attaching a few photos to give people an idea of what I am up against. The engine and frame numbers are correct and don't show any signs of tampering. The seat is obviously a replacement and the paint is , well, you can see for yourself.

    The engine is free and the clutch plates are not frozen. The cases and lower frame are coated with oil and there is a small puddle on the garage floor where it sits (and has been sitting for decades). The transmission shifts crisply through all the gears and goes into neutral. The carbs have the correct numbers, One of the slides is stuck open. There are no broken fins and all the parts seem to be here.

    The suspension is sacked, especially the rear shocks. Tires are flat, rotted, and basically bald. The grips are not correct and the rubbers are all worn.

    It's been sitting unloved for quite a while but it seems to be mostly all there. I would like to know what some of those in the know on this board think about this project and if anyone sees anything that's not correct about the parts on the bike. I have lots of detailed photos of the bike if anyone wants a closer look at some item or another. I think a piece like this needs to be brought back to life and deserves a better fate than the one it has now. Thanks for any opinions or advice. If anyone has a contact that knows these bikes well I would sure appreciate any help. IMG_2399.jpg IMG_2400.jpg IMG_2407.jpg IMG_2408.jpg IMG_2410.jpg IMG_2413.jpg IMG_2452.jpg IMG_2453.jpg IMG_2454.jpg IMG_2455.jpg
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  2. darkman

    darkman Crème de la Crème

    Oct 26, 2015
    Southcoast of the UK Earth
    Great find, numbers look good as well. throw away the lights and silencers, get some air filters, a correct seat and correct twistgrips and restore the rest :) re chrome and cad plate as many original parts as possible for originality as well. Pattern down pipes are not quite correct so use them if you can or sell them to me so as i can get copies made from them :)
    You can find my 66 TT restoration in builds and projects
  3. emlupi

    emlupi New Member

    Aug 12, 2022
    Thanks darkman,
    I’m not sure how I am going to proceed with this. I would like to restore this bike to its former glory but want to have it rideable on the road at the same time. I think the lights will stay for now. Need to do dome research and inspect the parts to see how much is useable.
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