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  1. steve lovatt
    steve lovatt
    Hi Dave, yes is the short answer! I had to use all three of the rings then it's too tight to fit the adaptor pipe into them. Got round it by using a rubber mallet with a rubber handle. Put it in the silencer with rings in place and then leaned on it while mallet head rested on the floor. Opened it enough to just get the pipe in, then some hard pushing and wiggling! Bit of a bugger but it will work! Good luck!
    Jul 7, 2015
  2. thebiglad
    Thanks for that Steve. And in relation to the sleeves themselves, they each have an open slot in them so did you have all the slots in the same place or did you overlap them? I'm concerned that if it's going to be a bugger to get them on, I want to ensure they are gas-tight ie no leaks; as I think they'll be staying on for the life of the bike !!!


    PS How's the bruises? How's the bike?
    Jul 8, 2015
  3. steve lovatt
    steve lovatt
    Hi Dave, I overlapped the slots slightly as I got a slight leak when I lined them all up (thinking it would be easier to get the adaptor on). Make sure you line everything up on the bike and mark the position of the adaptor pipe relative to the silencers before you begin fitting them. (guess who didn't and then had one silencer stuck up like an anti-aircraft gun!) Takes a bit of fettling at first but stick with it!
    Jul 8, 2015
  4. thebiglad
    Well I fiddled and farted about with them for ages trying to fit them with all three sleeves but no-go!
    So bodge mode initiated and they're on ! Look and sound very nice too. Still got the baffles in for the mo'

    How are things proceeding with your bashed-up bike? Do you know when you'll get her back yet?Good job you have the other T.
    Jul 10, 2015
  5. steve lovatt
    steve lovatt
    Bad news on the Bonneville - too bashed up to repair - estimate is £4000.00! Forks bent, top yoke possible damaged, gearbox casing split and box probably damaged and then all the peripherals - clutch, pegs, bars, light, exhaust ets. Good job I have the trident - stripped down at the moment having new airbox fitted and carbs cleaned!
    Jul 12, 2015