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Super III I would really like one of these in my garage

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Jack Lilley Special again My 2009 Steve Brogan Fireblade, a great bike apart from the fact that it got very uncomfortable very quickly and you had to watch you speed as you would be doing 120mph with out thinking about it britten1 There is not or ever was a better bike ever built Super III I would really like one of these in my garage My 09 limited edition Blade number 17 of 200 Interesting paint scheme bit toned down from the 675 My S3 and the CB 750 project bike before I started on it My Speed Triple must be the best bike i've had the pleasure of owning Honda CB 750 hopefully mine will look something like this when finished Brought this brand new in 2004 and apart from the electrics packing up every time it rained and parts taking 2 months to arrive from Italy it wasn't a bad bike Another biking mistake the gearbox let go 3 months out of warranty and Kawasaki didn't want to know it was also had a nasty habit of shaking it's head a lot of the time and the worst suspension on a bike I have ever had Jack Lilley Special at the Ace Cafe I really like this speed triple whoever did this did a cracking job

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