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Kuaotunu beach 1/1/2020

New Years run to test the new shocks
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Huapai Tavern 28/7/19 Parau Bay 13/7/19 Mercer 24/8/19 Northcote Tavern 28/7/19 Junction cafe Warkworth 13/10/19 TRMCC North Ride Albany 13/10/19 Clevedon 25/10/19 Kaiaua Tavern 31/8/19 Kaiaua tavern 25/10/19 North ride 13/10/19 Albany pub 28/7/19 Clevedon to Kaiaua 17/11/19 Oasis Hideaway Cafe 17/11/19 GAS Tahuna Kuaotunu beach 1/1/2020 Ruakaka 27/12/2019

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