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  2. Bikerman
    I went there last year, can't remember the name. Norway, as you know, is just fantastic.
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  3. Nicholaj
    Hi, is called Låtefoss. It’s close to a small place called Odda, in the region Hardanger. I used to live there. We often go there for camping in the summer. A lot of fantastic scenery :)
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  4. Bikerman
    Thanks for that. I just love Norway. So many people don't go there, it's their loss really.
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  5. Nicholaj
    I so agree, but coming over from the UK isn’t as easy as it used to be. After closing the ferry from Newcastle to Stavanger and Bergen, you now have to go down to Calais, and then go up through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark to get to Norway
  6. Bikerman
    Yes, it was a real pain in the arse, going that route. I go from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, but the prize at the end of it, Norway, is worth it.

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